The Brand New Buzz.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Hello friends!

Me. Ready to take on the world of blogging!
I think? :)
It's a new year and certainly a new journey for me as I embark on this new adventure of 'blogging'. Quite scary really. It's intimidating to put yourself out there, but here I am! A new year brings new things and I believe we should always be challenging ourselves to do things we never thought we could. God has put these desires in me and I am happy to finally be here. This blog is one way I can celebrate the gifts Jesus Christ gives. 

It will be so fun to see what becomes of this blog over time. I have great expectations and a desire to share my world of beauty, cooking, fashion, and travel with YOU. 
Please take a moment to get better acquainted with me by visiting the 'about the busy bee' tab located on the sidebar of this page. Going forward I would love to hear your comments and feedback, please feel free to leave them at any time. 

I hope you enjoy my little outlet of creativity as expressed in this blog, and also that you might find something I have to share informative and worthwhile! 

Stay tuned for all the buzzzzz and thank you for visiting my page. 

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