Eye Primer - The Magic Behind the Color!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Pictured above: Urban Decay
'Original' Eyeshadow Primer Potion
Happy New Year!

I don't know about you but I am 'so' excited for a new year, new beginnings, etc. This New Year is especially exhilarating for me as I venture into the world of blogging! I hope you've enjoyed the posts thus far. There will be so much more to cover and I can't wait for the weeks and months ahead! 

Let's jump right into things and talk about the most wonderful thing that ever happened to eye makeup: PRIMER!

Imagine having a shield of protection under your eye makeup, that's what primer is. Here are some KEY benefits and reasons why you need eye primer, no matter what age you are:

  1. Wrinkle protection! - Eyelids are one of the first things to start 'drooping' on our bodies as we get older (Teenagers- hate to break it to you, but you are not exempt). FIGHT BACK ladies! :) By using eye primer, you are protecting your eye from the 'dry' and 'powdery' eyeshadow you put on your eyes. Think about it this way- you wouldn't dream of putting a powder on your face without first applying foundation because it would suck all the moisture from your face. The same is true with our eyes. If we continue to apply eyeshadow without primer, our eyes 'dry out' and this leads to pre-mature wrinkling and drooping. 
  2. Color Brilliance- Do you ever wonder why the color in the palate looks totally different than it does on your actual eye? Once again, eye primer to the rescue! When you're wearing a good primer, the palate color will be true to that on your eye, making you look brilliant. AND- you will notice you need much less shadow and will be covering a lot more 'ground' so to speak. 
  3. Kiss Creasing Goodbye- I probably have the most greasy eyelids on the planet. My face is more on the dry side and my eyes are ridiculously greasy. It's a sick joke. All that to say, I used to get so frustrated because I would work so hard to get a good eye look only to wind up a creasy mess five hours later. There is nothing more annoying than that. At long last I discovered eye primer and my makeup world was never the same! Hello hours of flawless eye wear- I love you (and you will too!). 
Are you sold yet? I hope so. If there's any one thing that I am constantly preaching wherever I go, it's primer. Try it for yourself and you will see the difference it makes. 

My weapon of choice is a primer by 'Urban Decay' simply called Primer Potion. I'm sure there are others out there that work just as well, but this little baby is a MACHINE! I swear it will hold through anything. To apply the primer simply put a tiny dot on your primer brush (*for primer brushes, see my 'Brush Basics' post) and spread it evenly over your entire eyelid- lash to brow- and make sure you really get that crease! It might not even look like you put anything on, but trust me, your little protection shield is doing it's job. ;) 

*TIP: I like to use the 'original Primer Potion' by Urban Decay. They have others that are tinted for certain skin tones but I find that unnecessary. If you're just trying it out, my opinion is to go with the original. 
*Another TIP: If you can make it out to a Sephora, they will give you a sample of just about any product they have- this includes the UD Primer. If you like to 'try-before-you-buy' then this would be for you! 

The bottom line... Eye Primer is the Bee's Knees!!!

LOVE you all. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more exciting BUZZ...


  1. I love this product, it really works! I just apply it with my ring finger, and it seems to work fine. You're eye makeup really doesn't smudge all day and into the evening. Thanks Bee's Knee's for telling about this amazing product! <3

  2. Thank you for the feedback Grams! :)

    Love you soo much!

  3. Ditto!!! I love this product - thank you for telling me about it! :) I love your blog - great job! Keep it up! I look forward to lots more tips to come! :)

    I also love my new "Bedazzled" make-up in the beautiful case! :)

    Love you,
    Aunt Dar

  4. Wow!!! So many great ideas! I see you everyday (almost) but have still learned some new tricks! We are SO proud of you Melissa! Great job! Love you, Mom


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