Girls Night Out Eyes!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ok girls- we need one another, bottom line. Isn't this true?

What would we do without the other 'precious' women in our lives (older & younger) with whom we share our stories, thoughts, and insight? I am so grateful for all of my 'girls' and count them as blessings! The Bible frequently speaks of the older women mentoring the younger women (See Titus 2:3-6) and I am exceedingly grateful for all of you girls, whether young or old, who pour into my life. Thank you!

I have a girls night coming up this Friday that I am really looking forward to. Only it's more of a 'girls night in' as we will be watching a movie and eating. You can't have a girls night without eating, it's just wrong. Can I get an amen?

With that being said, go and get your 'girls night' on!  ;) Here is a pretty eye look that is sure to leave you dazzling for your special night out! 

Girls Night Out Eyes! 

Ok, so as is normal with almost everything we do around here, we will take this eye look step by step to ensure that you can re-create it too! Ready?

Step One: Base Color 
Simply apply a light blue color all over your lid- lash to brow. 
(Remember to PRIME your eyes before anything!!)

Step Two: Line Crease
I LOVE this liner! It is Sephora's Jumbo Waterproof
eyeliner in Turquoise. Click here to buy it.
All you need to do is line the crease of your eye 
with this eyeliner. You will be amazed at how 
much definition this adds to the look we're going to achieve.

Step Three: Line Crease with Blue Shadow 
Next you will color over your crease with a pretty 
dark blue shadow. This really gives a two dimensional 
look to the liner underneath- and it won't budge all day! 

Step Four: Add Copper to Lid
Now you will add some copper color to your 
lid. In case you were wondering, the colors I 
am using are by Lorac (also found at Sephora). 
I swear by Lorac. I love the pigment in all of their
Shadows. You might want to try 'patting' it on your lid.
Patting in a color will cause less mess underneath your eye.

Step Five: Line Under & Over 
Next you will line above your eye with black liquid liner 
and below the eye with a brown cream or pencil liner.
I know some of you just cringed at the words 'liquid liner' 
and I have to be honest, there's no easy way to learn how 
to use it other than practice. It took me a little while but I have 
now been using liquid for many years and I love it. It really 
creates a dramatic effect. I absolutely LOVE Revlon's Color Stay 
Liquid Eyeliner (click to view the liner). It works wonders and it's cheap! 

Finally: Brows and Mascara
The last 2 things you will need are filled-in brows 
and as usual- two coats of mascara. You're Done!
And no, I am not wearing fake lashes. BUT- we will 
be going over how to apply fake lashes in a future blog.

Are you excited to try your Girls Night Out eyes?! I hope so. Please feel free to send me YOUR beautiful eye pictures at: I would love to see what you all come up with! Have a wonderful day everyone and I will see you back here on Friday! :)

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  1. Ok, I know I'm the Mom, but have you ever seen eyes as beautiful as this??? Seriously, your eyes are dazzling beautiful!!! <3 Keep blogging honey, you're doing great!!!


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