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Friday, January 27, 2012

The dramatic winged eye.

You can't open a single beauty magazine without seeing it, it's all over the runway, and it's absolutely stunning. However, half of us are scared to try it. Have no fear! The Bee's Knees is to the rescue! 

Today we are going to have fun playing with a dazzling & electric winged eye that is sure to leave you with some 'wow' factor. Bada boom - bada bing! 

I was working out and reading a magazine this morning at the YMCA and was totally inspired by this look:
Don't you just love it? It's like a party on your face. ;) There are a few 'rules' you must know when creating this look:
  1. Go bright or go home 
  2. Waterproof or bust 
  3. Use the right tools 
I 'experimented' today with some colors and liners that I had and I was surprised at how similar the end product was in comparison the the picture above. This look is not that difficult, it just takes a steady hand and an adventurous spirit! Ready? Let's get started:

Electric Winged Eye:

First I primed my eye and then covered it lid to brow with a light blue color. I then added some gold to the inner eye area for a beautiful effect.

I love my Sephora jumbo waterproof liner but the tip is too large to create a precise line so I used a liner brush and dabbed the jumbo liner onto the tip of the brush and applied it that way. I started by outlining the shaped I wanted onto the eye and then proceeded to fill it in completely and heavily (giving it a really bright blue tone). Here's a peek at the colors and small liner tool used to achieve the look:

After shaping the line how I wanted it, I went over the entire thing in a 'very' similar blue Mary Kay color I have in their Costal colors palette. Covering the liner with an eyeshadow ensures that it will stay ALL day long. It 'sets' the liner in place so to speak. Here is what the finished line looks like: 

To complete the look, simply add mascara and fill in your brows. That wasn't too difficult was it? Now it's your turn to try it! Be daring and try something fun tonight- after all, it's Friday! Here is a peek at the entirely finished look:

One more thing....
I was so excited about this deal that I just had to share it with everyone. Today I got this (regularly $50) sweater at JcPenny for only $8.00!!! That is good shopping! :) These oversized sweaters are PERFECT for leggings and a cute infinity scarf. Try the look! 
Love you all. Have an awesome weekend.
Out and about earlier this evening. 

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  1. Hey.....I took this picture. :) Fun night out with my girl. :)


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