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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I just love you guys. Yes you- the ones reading this. Thank you so much for all of your kind words and encouragement lately. :)

As most of you know, the Bee's Knees Valentines giveaway is in full swing and there is still time to register (See the Valentines Giveaway post for details)! SO- if you know someone who would like to enroll or maybe just someone else who loves beauty, fashion, cooking, and so on, tell them about the Bee's Knees! Exciting things are happening here. You never know what I might post. ;)

I had a very enjoyable weekend that I realize I haven't told you about yet. This past Saturday I had a Philosophy enzyme mask appointment at Sephora and it was wonderful (and free!). Just for attending the event I received several deluxe samples in a cute bag. I love Philosophy skin care products and I'm becoming more of a believer every day. The 'Miracle Worker' eye cream is fabulous as well as the mask I tried on Saturday which you can view by clicking here. The mask left my skin feeling fresh, moisturized, and renewed.

In other beauty news:::
For my sister's birthday this month I bought her Sephora's new Prisma Chrome Eyeshadow in 'Shimmering Sand' as one of her gifts. I mailed it to her in the beginning of the month and she told me she LOVES it. Well, naturally I had to buy one to review for all of you, so here we go!...

Prisma Chrome Eyeshadow 'Shimmering Sand' & How To:

The following is a step-by-step basic eye look that works great with this new shadow by Sephora.

First we always start by priming the lid and covering it entirely with a base color that is preferably neutral. Next you will take a contour brush and wet the tip. This eyeshadow is special because it gets its highly-pigmented color when it's wet! Pretty cool.

So, you will take your wet brush and swirl it around in the eyeshadow. You will notice it starts to form a 'pasty' consistency- that's good. Once you have a good amount worked into the brush, simply stroke it all over your lid- top to bottom.
The color tone of this picture is a little odd.. sorry.
See how pretty and colorful it is?! :) This particular color works great all over the lid because it is fairly light. They have other colors that are brighter and fun. I really want to try some of those as well.

Next I added some purple to the crease of the eye and worked it out to the edges of my eye to create a winged look.

After you add the purple in the crease, take a purple eyeliner and line underneath your eye. Then take black liquid liner and line the top.

All that's left is your mascara! Two coats for the top & bottom and you're good to go and looking spectacular!

Bottom line- Prisma Chrome eyeshadow is the Bee's Knees!
As always, thank you for reading!! I will see you all back here on Friday for another fun and exciting adventure in blogging. ;) Tell a friend...

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  1. My sweet Melissa Joy. Your eyes are just so beautiful. :) Your blogs are very informative and creative. So proud of you!!!


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