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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Good afternoon! It's shaping up to be another (abnormally) warm day here in Michigan! Bring it on. I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend. I had the privilege of traveling to Grand Rapids this Sunday to play & sing with our worship band for an evening service at a wonderful church. Great memories! I love our team.

Ok, so let's talk manicures. I rarely indulge in a manicure due to the fact that I play guitar every week, so I can't really say I have a budget for these things. However, I do know that the average manicure is like- $12-20 dollars? Is that about right? And that is if you plan on getting a basic manicure. Designs cost even more per nail.
Kiss expensive manicures goodbye! It's Sally Hansen to the rescue! 

These 'Salon Effects' nail strips are genius! They are made from real nail polish and stay on forever. This past September I went to Italy for two weeks and wanted my nails to look good- but didn't want to be fussing with them, you know? So, I went the way of nail strips and I wasn't disappointed. These little guys really do last almost two full weeks!! The great part is that you can even put a top coat over them, and then they REALLY aren't going to budge. I don't know why they work so well, but I do know that they were one of the greatest beauty inventions of 2011. Trust me.

The best part?- They are only $9.99 at most retailers! *And, to let you in on my little secret- I got these 1/2 off at $4.99! That's a deal if you're used to spending money on manicures. I chose to try the 'Hounds Tooth' design this time and it turned out totally awesome.

When you open the package, you will be pleasantly surprised to find not only the nail strips, but directions, a cuticle stick, and even a cute little nail file. All you need to do is fit the appropriate strip to each nail, file off the excess, and you're done! Like I said earlier, I recommend a top coat to keep them on even longer. They only take about 10 minutes to stick & dry. I think you will love them.

Here is a picture of the finished product:

Thank you for reading! Be looking forward to more juicy beauty blogging this week- most likely Wednesday & Friday. An exciting week awaits us!  

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