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Friday, January 6, 2012

Ok... I know for a fact I speak on behalf of the entire Michigan population today when I say "What is up with Spring in January!?!!?" It's true, it feels like Spring outside and it is absolutely wonderful in every way! Upper 40's? HELLO. I'll take it. Bear is looking at me right now like "Mom, seriously- get off your bottom and take me for a walk."

So, who's ready to 'smolder'?? Who's up for the challenge? I had so much fun today creating this intense smokey eye for all of you. I truly hope you enjoy! Since this is quite an 'involved' look, we're taking this baby one step at a time. The thing to remember when creating a dramatic eye is this- don't get frustrated, just play. You'll have plenty of time to practice. The other thing to remember is- BLEND! Work those brushes. The key to good makeup artistry is blending. Just use the back and forth 'sweeping' motion we talked about in my 'Brush Basics' blog, and before long- you'll be pro. Trust me, if I can learn- anyone can.

STEP ONE- Prime Time: Prime all
over your lid- lash to brow.

STEP TWO - Base: Take a neutral
color and go all over the eye. This will
'Set' your primer. It won't budge.

STEP THREE - Outline: Take your liner
brush and line out a dramatic wing. Do
the same for the other side and make sure
they're both even. ;)

STEP FOUR - Fill: Use a shaping
brush to sort of 'pat' in the rest of the
dark color into the outline.

STEP FIVE - Darken: Take a darker
color and fill in the winged, outer edge
of the outline. Heap on that drama, girl!

STEP SIX - Add Purple: Pat on some
deep purple over the interior of the eye
and some on the winged, outer edge. This
really brings out some beautiful color.

STEP SEVEN - Line Under Eye:
Take a small brush and line the same
purple under your eye! Beautiful effect.

STEP EIGHT - Glitter & Glam:
Get a bright white or silver glitter color
and highlight the interior part of your eye.
This is really going to make your eyes pop.
I use an incredible product by Lorac called
Liquid Lustre (Click on the link to see it &
buy). I will probably do an entire blog on this
product someday. It is SOO glittery. The
picture doesn't do it justice.

STEP NINE - Liquid Line on Top:
Take a liquid liner and line the top of
your eye, making sure to wing it out at
the ends. Tip: pat the liner into the lash line
as you go.This will really saturate the area
and make it look crisp and clean.

STEP TEN (still with me?) - Highlight Brow: 
The key to any smokey eye is to highlight
right under your brow to make it stand out.
This is one of the last things you do.

STEP ELEVEN - Fill in Brows: 
Fill in your brows slightly. This makes
them look full and dramatic. I do this
with the brush used in the 'outline' picture.

Complete your look with two coats of mascara (top & bottom)
and then have fun accessorizing. Smokey Eyes are the Bee's Knees!!

Please feel free to send me YOUR smokey eye pictures at: thebeesknees.melissa@gmail.com!! I want to see them!!! Also, if there is a picture or certain celebrity 'look' that you want the Bee's Knees to cover, send it to me and I will do my best to re-create it and share it with the world! Thank you so much for reading and I hope you have fun creating your beautiful smokey eyes. Here are two more 'up close' pictures of the finished product:


  1. At lunch today, I just couldn't quit looking at your beautiful eyes!!! Stunning to say the least!
    So proud of you! Awesome blog!!!

  2. Melissa, your "smolder" is gorgeous! Really stunning! I told my Ben, I don't own a single thing she uses to get this look - ha! :) Maybe someday you can give me a makeover...for real!!! Super pretty eyes, girl!

  3. Aww, thank you so much Jess! I really hope you can pick up some brushes and start playing! It's fun. :)

    And thank you Mom. I love you.

  4. Well, do you think I will look like you if I follow your directions to the tee? Oh yes, I forgot, I am like Jess, I don't own any of all of that either. I do have brushes, but they don't make me look like that!!!

    Love you beautiful girl!


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