Frosted Winter Nails + Dry Hand Relief!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ok girls... Are you ready to try one of the hottest looks this winter for nails!??

Frosted nails are huge this season and I have been inspired by the look so today we are going to learn how to do it together. :) 

Teenage Dream & Teasy Does It by OPI
Frosted Winter Nails

I experimented with colors that I already had at home, maybe this will work for you too! I try not to spend unnecessary money if I don't have to. The colors I used: 

1.) "Teasy Does It" in the Burlesque Collection by OPI  
2.) "Teenage Dream" in the Katy Perry Collection by OPI  

Both of these colors are fabulous on their own but when you put them together they look GLAM! ;) 

You should always begin your nail painting adventures by applying a base coat- this helps the polish to go on and come off easily. Next I applied the Teasy Does It color which is very dark and is speckled with lots of glitter (hard to tell in the picture). I applied two coats which is usually a good idea with any color- it helps you to achieve the exact color you see in the bottle. Once the first two coats were dry I went over all of the nails with ONE coat of Teenage Dream. This color is pink, super sparkly, and has a little bit of a pink tint to it. This color goes on really thick so you only need one coat, which is typical of most sparkle top coats. After all of the previous coats of polish were dry I topped it off with my favorite long-lasting and fastest drying top coat ever!!-- "Out the Door," which you can find at Sally Beauty Supply for about $5- awesome deal. 

The end result was better than I expected and I had several comments on my nails today as I was out and about running some errands. They really make a statement- in a good way! With your Out the Door top coat on, this look should last you for a long time. 

Dry Hand Relief

It's the middle of winter and most likely we are all dealing with dry skin in one way or another, right? I absolutely can not keep my 'favorite' hand moisturizing secret to myself when I have a whole community I can share it with! Avon's Moisture Therapy (the original) is the single best hand moisturizer I have ever used. I can't imagine surviving a Michigan winter without this stuff. If you have never tried it I encourage you to. It is the only thing that works for me. 
Moisture Therapy tends to be on the greasy side so I always put it on right before bed that way I'm not touching anything. Let me tell you- when you wake up, your hands will be silky smooth! It may take a few nights of using it, but you will begin to notice a huge difference in how soft and moisturized your skin is. It's inexpensive, effective, unscented, and a winter essential!! With your new frosted nail makeover and soft skin to boot, your hands will be the Bee's Knees! :) 

A little side note that has absolutely nothing to do with today's blog:
It's no secret that I pride myself in being a bargain hunter. I rarely pay full price for anything and a lot of the time I just make things myself. Today however, I scored another HUGE bargain as I paid next to nothing (maybe $2?) for this beautiful, vintage-inspired sweater from JcPenny (again):
It is a beautiful shade of pink and just in time for a Valentines date! Maybe I'll post a picture of me wearing it sometime soon. Love you all!! Thank you so much for reading and if you are enjoying this, pass along the Bee's Knees to a friend today! :)

Today is a special day for me as it marks one whole month of going DAILY through the Bible in my One Year Bible and listening to it through the Daily Audio Bible App! Obviously the goal is to make it entirely through in one year (both listening and reading) as I noted in an earlier blog. I just wanted to let me entire reading community know that I am 'dedicated' and doing well in following my reading plan! I can honestly say I am not the same person I was last year. :) That's what the Bible does to you, it changes you- in a good way. 


  1. Amen to that!!! Love reading the bible through in a year! The Word changes us and makes us more like HIM!!! :) Wow, I love your new sweater! Hmmm....who on earth taught you to shop for bargains? lol

    Love you!!!

  2. Love the lotion too!! And more than that I love bargains. But looking for a great placed to buy lined slacks :)
    If you have ideas let me know because they are hard to find at a great price.
    I am also reading through the bible in a year with an amazing devotional.
    Keep up the great work.



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