Just 'Pleat' It!

Monday, February 20, 2012

They're not just for your Grandma... Pleats are back with a vengeance and the Bee's Knees has got the '411' on how to wear them!

This months issue of Allure Magazine (see below) inspired me to create a pleated look of my own and I'm sure you'll agree- it's just darling. Vintage and desirable, pleats embody the meaning of fun & frivolity! Let's journey together through the world of pleats. Ready?

And she wore red shoes & pleats...

Saffron colored skirt- Forever 21 ($19.80), red shoes, and blue accessory accents. 

Blue beads, and a sweet vanity necklace- Forever 21 ($2.80).

Don't forget about the pearl earrings! 

Strike a pose! 


Go ahead and twirl in it...

Pleats are SUPER fun and look wonderful worn all sorts of different ways! I hope this has inspired you to try something new today. This Spring is full of beautiful fashion looks. Coming off the heels of fashion week, I just couldn't resist posting this pretty skirt outfit. Thank you so much for reading! Love you all and I'll be back here on Wednesday.

Ps... Ben took the pictures and he is quite proud of himself. ;) I have to give credit where credit is due!!


  1. I have a long yellow pleated skirt...I never would have thought to add red and blue with it! Looks great!
    I love your blog! The make-up tips are awesome!
    I wish I were as talented as you at applying mine! ;)

    Found your blog from my sister...Jessica Vegh. :)

  2. Love the pleats!!!! Wow, who would have ever thought they would be back. :) You look amazing sweetie, and I especially love the picture "Strike a Pose". :) Good job Ben!

  3. THANK you girls. You are so sweet! Melody, it's great to have you following along on here. Thank you 'soo' much for reading!!

  4. Well now, pleats would not be a good look for me! No, it is not for your grandma! haha I would look 50 pounds heavier! Now you, you look terrific! Great pics Ben!

    Love your blog, you are the Bees Knees sweetie!

  5. LOVE the pics & pleats!!! Esp. love the vanity necklace!


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