Product Reviews: Maybelline Color Tattoo + Lots of Lashes

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Maybelline's new Color Tattoo Eye Shadow Cream has been plastered all over the pages of most new magazines lately. There has been so much fuss about the new product that I thought I should give it a whirl and give my readers the scoop on whether or not it is worth the purchase.

Since I was already in the 'Maybelline' section, I figured I would pick up a new Great Lash - Lots of Lashes Mascara as well and just run with it! I found the odd shaped tip on the brush to be intriguing so I threw it in my cart along with the eye shadow and hurried home to try a new look to blog about for all of you!

After trying both products here is the honest scoop: 

  • Great Lash - Lots of Lashes: I really liked the way the mascara went on and it definitely thickened up with two coats. The heart-shaped brush was perfect for reaching all of the little lashes that seem to get left behind with bigger brushes. The down side to this mascara: it flakes. Not horribly, but it does flake. Mascara tends to flake more in the winter anyway due to the dry weather but I definitely noticed quite a few black specs under my eye by the end of the day. 
  • Color Tattoo Eye Shadow Cream: This cream is unusually difficult to apply. I tried with a brush- fail. I tried using my finger (which I rarely EVER do) and it was a little better but still was not creating the look I desired. My suggestion- use a sponge. That was the only thing I didn't try and I think that a small sponge would work much better. The positive: it really does stay on for a long time and the colors are very beautiful and highly pigmented. One thing that DID work wonderfully- I used an eyeliner brush and went underneath my eye with the color and it looked great! 
Without further delay, here is the look I created for you using Buxom's Shih tzu green eye shadow, Sephora's jumbo waterproof eyeliner in turquoise, Great Lash - Lots of Lashes in blackest black, and Maybelline's Color Tattoo eye shadow cream:

First-begin with eye primer and then add a light colored purple base all over the eye. Then apply the dark purple tattoo color to the crease and wing it out to the outer edges of the eye. 
Next add the blue liner to the top of the eye and the bright green color to the interior of the eye. Use a blending brush to give it a beautiful and flawless appearance.
Line under your eye with the tattoo eye color and smudge it around. 
Add two coats of the mascara to the top & bottom and you're finished! 

Tomorrow Ben and I leave for a business trip to Pennsylvania and then we will be taking a little mini-vacation to Washington DC! :) You all are coming with me so get ready for a fun weekend. I may even throw up an extra post or two, you never know! Thank you so much for reading. I'll be back here on Friday with more juicy fashion and beauty 'scoop' so stay tuned. Love you all!


  1. Love all the colors!!! Will try this soon! :) Have a wonderful trip! Love you the most.


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