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Friday, February 24, 2012

Harrisburg :)
Hello friends!!

Greetings from Pennsylvania- Harrisburg to be specific. Ben and I are on a trip for his work and we're having a blast! We are going to be working a youth convention all weekend so we have literally been surrounded by teenagers all day. :) This is nothing unusual for us.

And a special HELLO to all of my new girl friends from PCTC who will be reading this- you know who you are. Welcome to the Bee's Knees!!

I just wanted to pop in to leave you with a few pictures from the day and give a quick synapsis of our trip thus far. I am hoping to have a beauty blog ready at some point this weekend- maybe Monday.

So I know I shared my AWESOME Chick-fil-a story on my personal Facebook wall, but some of you may not have been able to read it so I am repeating it here because well, it bears repeating. It's awesome. Here you go:
So, we 'naturally' stopped at chick-fil-a for dinner in Pennsylvania because there is nothing better in the world. SO- I go on and on to the lady at the register telling her how excited we are to be there because there are NONE in Michigan (that I know of). And so what does she do??... Gives us our entire meal on the house!!! Isn't that amazing? We love Chick-fil-a. Talk about starting the trip off right!
A pretty sweet view of a tunnel we passed through in the mountains of Pennsylvania. Loved it. 
Good Morning Harrisburg! View from our hotel window.
Last but not least, I had to share my outstanding 'steal of the day' with all of my girls out there.
I swiped this adorable little Cynthia Rowley spring coat from Marshalls for only $29.99 today! It's actually a beautiful shade of pink but it's very hard to tell in this lighting.
The best part? There is NO tax on clothing purchased in Pennsylvania! Maybe it's a good thing I don't live here. That could be dangerous for me. ;) 
Love you all! Thanks so much for stopping by to read. Hopefully I'll be posting some more this weekend but it just depends on how busy our schedule is. SPOILER ALERT::: I have another giveaway in the making. Stay tuned for all of the details on that. Good night from Harrisburg. 

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  1. The view from your hotel is beautiful. :) So happy you two are having such a great time. Bear says hello, and he is having so much fun at Gwamma's and Papa's house. <3 Love your new jacket. :)


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