Save your Benjamins, visit Washington!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hello friends!!

It's been a while and I apologize for that, but Ben and I have been enjoying some much needed vacation time together and we've had a blast! I have been so 'inspired' by Washington DC that I chose to write about it since it's so fresh on my mind. You will love this blog. If you have never been to DC then read on (even if you have - read on) and learn about all of the cool things you can do & explore for FREE! It's a beautiful thing, really.

Ok, let's talk DC... How about we do a short picture tour? Those are fun. Let's begin!

Save Your Benjamins, Visit DC

DC is literally full of amazing places to visit for F-R-E-E! It is a great thing to finally see all of your tax dollars hard at work creating some very beautiful monuments, museums, and galleries! I would encourage anyone who hasn't been to make it a point to visit DC sometime. It is totally worth the trip down to see all of the memorable landmarks and experience the hub of our country's freedom and liberty. It all comes together in DC. You will get a taste of what drove our founding fathers to fight so hard for this nation and why we should do the same as American Citizens.

The Smithsonian Museums (there are a TON of them) captured most of our time this trip as there is so much to see & do within. One of the highlights for me was the art museum as I am a lover & connoisseur of most art. Unlike Europe where you have to pay for admission and can't take any pictures when inside, the Smithsonian allows you the opportunity to snap as many photos as you'd like and admission of course, is free! Take advantage of this.
Van Gogh, timeless 
Doubles w/ slightly different colors by Monet 
Renoir with a b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l painting of Paris
Last and probably my favorite!- da Vinci
Pretty excited to be checking out such beautiful art!

Museums & Such
Like I mentioned, there are several museums within the reach of the Capitol Mall (Smithsonian area) and they are all free as well! There is a Native American History Museum, US Bontanical Gardens Center, Natural History Museum, and much more. Here are a few of my 'favorite things'.  :) 
Orchid @ Botanical Gardens 
Orchid again
Botanical Gardens 
Capitol - Also a FREE tour!

Visiting Mount Vernon, the home of George and Martha Washington, was the only 'tour' so to speak that we actually paid for at $15 per person and let me tell you- it was WELL worth the money. Such a cool experience to personally tour the home of our first president. 
@ Mount Vernon w/the hubs

Well, I certainly hope you've enjoyed this. I am very tired from travelling all day and it is now past 11 at night but I just had to get something up for all of you to view by the morning. :) I really do love you. 
This is such a short recap of our extended weekend but hopefully you have been inspired to visit DC! I should also mention that I found our hotel (the Sheraton National) on Hotwire for $62 a night!! Isn't that crazy? One more reason to go & stay a bit. 

Exciting things.....

I will be back here tomorrow to bring you a particularly exciting 'Birchbox Review' blog that I know you'll love AND- Friday I will be announcing the launch and details of the Bee's Knees SECOND giveaway! Three cheers for that. Fun things are happening here folks. ;) Stay tuned for all the details. Thank you so much for reading (it's always appreciated)- I love you all and I'll see you tomorrow. Good night.

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  1. Oh my goodness!! I love your pictures. :) We will surely have to take a trip DC! Your new coat is adorable, and I especially love the picture of you and your Benjamin. <3 Love you!


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