Bold Eyes + French Dress Inspiration

Monday, March 12, 2012

Hello friends! 
I have a very special blog for you today as I will be showcasing one of Springs hottest looks: BOLD eyes. I love this look! It is especially stunning with undressed lips in a 'nude' sort of color. I plan on having an entire blog about nude lips soon- they are also very big this season. 

To create today's look you will need a few things: 
  1. A black creamy-crayon eyeliner that is 'smudgeable' for under the eye 
  2. Black liquid liner - for the top of the eye 
  3. Black sparkly eyeshadow 
  4. Light gold shimmery eyeshadow 
  5. Black mascara 
Most of us have at least some of these items at home already. If you need to find a certain item on the list, try Walgreens. Some crayon eyeliners even come with a smudging sponge on the opposite end! Those are great for creating a smokey eye. If nothing else, just pick up some small cosmetic sponges and 'smudge' away! 

Here's how to create this intense eye look:
(We'll take it step by step!)

  1. Prime & cover eye with base color- gold: Prime your entire eye area and then go over the entire eyelid top to bottom with the gold shimmery eyeshadow. 
  2. Add the black shadow: Next you will add your black shadow over the entire lid & crease only. Don't add black far above the crease. Because black can be scary to work with due to the intense pigment, you might try 'patting' the color onto your eye. Sometimes this helps me. 
  3. Add bottom liner: Add some creamy eyeliner under the eye and smudge it so that the line is not perfect, but 'smokey'. Just play with it until you're happy with how it looks. Once you have finished lining and smudging under both eyes, line your water line with the black crayon as well. 
  4. Add top liner: Take your liquid liner and go over the top of both eyes with a heavy black line. Wing it out at the ends for a little extra pizzazz! 
  5. Mascara & Highlighting: After I've added all of the black shadow sometimes I like to go back over the top part of the brow bone (just under the brow) with more light gold color. This really makes the black stand out and it helps to soften the line where the black & gold meet. Add two coats of your black mascara and you're done! 

It's really not that difficult to create a beautiful bold eye! I hope that you will give it a try today. :) 

Ok, now on to a fashion inspiration for the day: 

A French Dress  
I received this dress a Christmas present from my mother who saw me drooling over this cute little thing at the mall back in November of last year. I wanted to share the look with all of my blog community in hopes that it might 'inspire' you too! One thing that I am specifically noticing this spring is that collars are everywhere! Many girls are even creating their own collars to layer over their favorite shirts! The idea is so much fun. It's like a glorified necklace if you think about it. AND- it just so happens that I ran into a very cute 'bedazzled' 1950's collar at an antique store in my home town two months ago. Girls back then knew how to dress! Let's follow in their footsteps today:
Button down front with gold buttons, gold belt, and big ivory collar! 
More of the collar & gold accessories!
 Last but not least, the adorable gold belt that makes it all come together. :) 

Well, that about does it for me tonight! I hope that you've been inspired to try something new today. Thank you so much for reading and for ALL of your support. I feel majorly blessed to be surrounded by such great women. Just so you all are aware: there are only a few days left to sign up for the Spring Forward Giveaway! Don't miss out on that. Click here for details on how to register

Have a great evening everyone and I'll see you back here on Wednesday! 


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  2. Wow!!! Love your eyes!! So happy you are enjoying the little french dress we bought you. :) You wear it well. We are so proud of you Melissa! :)


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