e.l.f. Face Primer Review!! Don't miss this.

Friday, March 30, 2012

WOW. That is a good word for today. No really, that sums it up!

WOW - because The Bee's Knees has hit it's '100' Facebook Fan milestone! That is so exciting- and I love you all. Thank you for your continued support on this journey of blogging.


WOW because I am about to review for you a $6.00 face primer that actually works as well as luxury! Oh yeah baby... This busy bee has been hunting down the best deals out there and this one is DEFINITELY a keeper.

Let's get down to business!

e.l.f. Mineral Infused Face Primer

Ok, I have to admit- when I saw it sitting there on the shelf I was a little bit skeptical, however, this primer is not only 'review-worthy' but 'face-worthy'!

My e.l.f. primed face + foundation. Smooth!
Recently I sampled a small amount of Smashbox's original face primer at Sephora (which is typical of me- I sample EVERYTHING). It is clear in color and goes on almost with a jelly consistency. As you smooth it over your face it begins to feel like liquid satin- it's wonderful. When I purchased the $6.00 e.l.f. primer I was skeptical and thought that surely it wouldn't hold up to the standards of the $38.00 Smashbox primer. I was wrong. Not only was I wrong, I was pleasantly surprised!!

This beautiful little bargain goes on like a satin dream and fills in all the cracks & pores on your face to leave it gorgeous and foundation ready! The benefits of using this face primer:

  • You only need a small amount to cover a lot of ground. ;)
  • Your foundation will 'glide' on with a foundation brush and alleviates the 'pulling' and unnecessary 'tugging' of normal application without primer. Trust me, you'll notice a difference. It's best not to pull on your skin if possible. It helps to keep the wrinkles away. 
  • Controls excess face oil. 
  • Protects your skin. 
  • Controls flaky & dry skin - or in other words- locks in moisture. 
At this point I'm sure some of you are thinking- "Wait a minute, didn't we 'just' review the Smashbox BB Cream Primer a few weeks ago? Which one is better to use?"

Finished product today
Here's the deal: The Smashbox BB Cream is not only tinted but also offers SPF and boasts the power to minimize wrinkles in 4 weeks. The e.l.f. primer will not give you all of that. HOWEVER, if you use a good moisturizer with SPF and an anti-aging eye/face cream- then this e.l.f. primer is all you need. The Smashbox BB Cream might be a better option for someone who is searching for the 'all-in-one' product.

My opinion- for $6 bucks just pick up a bottle and try it. Really, what have you got to lose? I believe that Target and Meijer both carry e.l.f. Cosmetics so you should be able to get everything you need at one of those two places.

I hope that this was helpful information for you. I was blown away by how much I like the product! Definitely a keeper in my book. Thank you so much for reading and sharing The Bee's Knees- you guys make it great. Stay tuned for another exciting blog in the works- you will love it. ;) Have an amazing weekend friends.

A fun & dramatic green smokey eye. Try the look!


  1. Tried the ELF face primer today, (thanks to you) and I love it!!! :) Works great! Love your smokey green eye look. <3 Soooo pretty!

  2. I get the elf primer at walmart for three dollars in Kentucky. Thanks for sharing your information at this product. June


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