April Birchbox Review

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What an exciting week it's been already! It is so good to be here with all of you today. Are you ready to review this month's spectacular Birchbox together? I know you will love it. In fact, this may be my all time favorite Birchbox (and that's really saying something because I love them all)!

April's Birchbox theme was all about 'Earthy Naturals' and being a natural bug myself, I was totally digging it. 

April is one of my favorite months for a few reasons:
  1. Flowers and EVERYTHING else comes back to life. 
  2. Local favorite ice cream shops open back up. 
  3. My Birthday. 
  4. Bear and I get to go for walks outside again. 
And speaking of walks... Do I have a picture to show you!! Check out this stunning flower Bear and I found while on a walk yesterday:

Unbelievably beautiful isn't it? God does good work. This little girl was just chilling all by herself- waiting to make my day. I simply had to share with you. And if you're wondering- this picture was taken with my iPhone. If you're considering a smart phone do yourself and favor and just get an iPhone. They're stinking amazing. Just do it.

April Birchbox: 

Tarte - LipSurgence Lip Tint Pencil. Full size: $24

This is my most favorite item in the whole box so I'm showing it off first. I even leaked some info about it in yesterday's blog. Wow, this lip stain pencil is incredible! I am in love with Tarte. Great products. The stain keeps a beautiful color on your lips all day (even between meals!) and it manages to hydrate at the same time! 

Marula - The Leakey Collection. Omega Rich Pure Marula Oil.  Full size: $78

Absolutely amazing and all natural Marula Oil. I apply this as a moisturizer and even under my foundation. Sheer joy & radiance. When you apply this oil you feel like a queen, I'm serious. Total luxury. 

Wonderstruck - Taylor Swift.  Full Size: $49.50-$59.50

Yummy. I am seriously loving this new scent by the lovely Ms. Swift. Great for spring & summer. Isn't Taylor so cute?

Yu-Be.  Moisturizing Skin Cream.  Full Size: $16

So- this cream does everything. No really, it does- and I LOVE it. Here's what it helps with: 
1.) Problem Dry Skin  2.) Split Cuticles  3.) Cracks  4.) Chapped Lips  5.) Hard Heels  6.) Eczema  
7.) Sunburns
See what I mean?? What DOESN'T it do? And it's only $16 for a full size! 

MicrodermaMitt.  Body Mitt.  Full Size: $28.50

Finally! A microderm solution for the whole body! Simply put it on your hand and scrub away! Excellent product. Perfect for the tub/shower. :)  

Now, after seeing all of those wonderful products can you believe that you can score all of that for only $10 a month!?? If you are interested in signing up for Birchbox click here. I know I've said this before but to me it's like Christmas every month when you get this fun little box in the mail! Then again I just love opening anything addressed to me (I'm a little obsessed) so for me it's especially great. 

Ok, now for some humor. I simply HAD to show my fans these two pictures because they are absolutely hilarious. So, my friend Shante has the most adorable, well behaved, too-cute-for-words, drama queen of a little girl that there ever was. She melts my heart whenever I see her and calls me 'Issy'- short for Missy because Melissa is just too challenging for her right now. Shante is very Italian (1/2 to be specific) and I just love it. 

I'm very Hungarian, she's very Italian and when you put us together it's an explosion of boisterous, European fun. 

Here were the captions and pictures I received from Shante the other day via text: (enjoy) 
"Is my little girl Italian or what?" (Notice how diva she looks....nails painted and everything) 

Hahahaha..... Laughing all over again.

Enjoy your day friends! Love you all.
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  1. I signed up for the birch box, I haven't heard from them yet. You just make it sound too exciting! Love your blog.grams

  2. :) Thank you Grams. I know you will totally love Birchbox! Love you....


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