Meow......Perfecting the 'Cat Eye'

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A good friend of mine asked me this past week over breakfast (strawberry pancakes to be specific- yum) if I would help her with the infamous 'Cat Eye', and so today we are tackling the look!!

The Cat Eye is obviously a huge deal right now and there are so many fun ways to wear it! You can go colorful, subtle, dramatic, and even doubled (have two lines winging out)!  

Today I am going to illustrate the basic Cat Eye and how to achieve this popular look. It's so pretty it will leave you purring. Ok, that was cheesy. 

I think I will post some variations of the cat eye via Facebook within the next few days, so stay tuned and watch for those!! 

The Cat Eye:

The difference between the winged eye & the cat eye is that the cat eye generally has some liner on the top & bottom- giving it some intense 'kitty-cat' appeal. For today's look I used a little powder liner on the bottom. However, keep in mind that you can make this as fun & dramatic as you'd like. Just play with it! 

First you will start by priming your eye. I did not use any eye shadow on my lid at all, just primer. So, in order to still achieve a slightly pigmented look I used Urban Decay's eye primer in "sin". This primer already has some shimmer to it (as you can see). Score! 

Next- get an angled liner brush ready along with some dark eye shadow. Pat your brush into the shadow and begin to draw the outline of the cat eye look that you want. It should look something like this when finished (below). This really is the secret to the cat eye. Shadow is much more forgiving than a liquid or cream liner. Think of it as tracing the outline of a figure in a coloring book. Once you've traced the outline you will begin 'coloring between the lines'. ;) 

Here is the Maybelline eye shadow color I used to outline. It comes in a quad:

Now that you have your outline, start coloring! Take your liquid or cream liner and fill in the outline you've already created. You won't believe how much easier this is than trying to create the line freehand. 

If you're going to use liquid, I can't recommend 'Revlon Color Stay' highly enough! This little baby is sold at Walgreens and it really does stay on all day when used with a primer. Love it. 

Notice in the image below that I've added some of the shadow liner color to the bottom lash line. This really does help to create that 'cat' look that we're trying to achieve. 

Finish off the look by applying two coats of black mascara and be sure to fill in those eyebrows. 

ALSO (spoiler alert)::::
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Here is another picture of the finished eye:

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Thank you so much for reading and for all of your support. See you back here on Wednesday! :) 
**Post your 'Cat Eye' pictures to the Facebook page. I want to see them!  


  1. Wow! No one pulls off the cat eye like you....although Denise does an amazing job too!! :) So pretty. :)


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