Pastel Week! Part 1

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Welcome to Pastel Week here at the Bee's Knees!! You heard me right. We're taking this whole week to indulge in everything 'Pastel'! Nails, eyes, & outfits- it's all right here. Don't miss out on this awesome three part blog series.

I have been so excited to share this post with you. I was waiting until the weather finally decided to take a turn towards 'Spring' and well, this week just seemed perfect (that, and I just couldn't wait any longer!). Pastels are one of my favorite things right now. They are gorgeous and look flattering on almost any skin tone in my opinion.

In the spirit of 'pastel' I have put together a cute little outfit for us to take a peek at today.

My two main color choices for today's look are mint green and soft pastel pink. They go together beautifully and I'm just crazy about them!

I've chosen to model a pair of high waisted, pleated & belted shorts along with a simple mint shirt and a scarf. The look is simple to create but elegant! I would wear this out to dinner or for a day of shopping fun. Let's take a look at it!

Perfect Pastels

Shirt: $9.00 - Ann Taylor 
Scarf: $5.00 - Forever 21 
Shoes: $29.99 - Nine West Outlet - Great Lakes Crossing Mall. 
Shorts: $13.99 - Forever 21. Thanks Mom!! These were a birthday gift. :) 
And sorry about the wrinkling. The material is a bit finicky.

You can choose to recreate this look with any pastel colors you like! You could do soft purple & yellow, blue & purple, and the list goes on! Just have fun and get those creative juices flowing. If you're wondering where to score some cheap yet cute pastels right now, here are a few of my suggestions: Kohls, JcPenny, Forever 21, H&M, and Target. Hit those sale racks ladies! 

On a slightly different note (call it a bunny trail if you'd like), let's talk braids. Ok, so I'm doing everything in my power to stay away from the salon right now so that my hair can finally grow out again- and for me it's not easy. I am always trying something new with my hair and I LOVE cute, trendy cuts. However, I am 'determined' to grow my long locks back again so that I can have some serious fun playing with new styles. One particularly hot style that I'm just longing to wear again is the braid. Fish tail, french braid, inside out french braid- you name it, I want it (and the Hunger Games didn't help anything... HELLO? I want a Katniss braid and you know you do to)!! 

Well as the story goes, I just got plain impatient and decided to give a mini french braid a whirl with my short hair. Guess what? IT WORKED! I heard the angels singing above me. ;) 
Anyway- I want to share these two pictures with all of my short-haired friends to inspire you that it's not too soon to try a fun braid! Be encouraged. 
While french braiding, pull in all the hair you can grab and then bobby pin the braid behind your ear. Cute!

Have a great day everyone! If you haven't 'liked' the Bee's Knees yet through Facebook make sure you take a second to do that. All of our giveaways are exclusive to our Facebook fans. And just maybe I have another giveaway in the works?? (cough, cough...)  See you back here tomorrow! 


  1. Love the pastels!!! Love you! :) We are so proud of you Melissa. "YOU" make the beesknees wonderful!!! <3

  2. Love it,you make me want to go out and shop, and I really don't need anything,


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