A Freeloader's Birthday

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Birthday Gift from my love.
Confession time: I am a freeloader. Call me ridiculous, but with the cost of living as high as it is- I'll take the relief any way I can get it!

Birthdays present a particularly wonderful opportunity for freeloading- and I'm not just talking about receiving a free cookie at a restaurant accompanied by embarrassing, off key singing. I'm talking about the Big Leagues!! There is free stuff to be had and this busy bee is here to share the goods with you.

April is my birth month so this information is extremely fresh on my mind.

Let's talk freebies!

  1. Bravo Cucina Italiana- Free Birthday Entree up to $15! Yes you heard me right- a free entree. All that's required is the purchase of another entree. Ben and I thoroughly enjoyed this little deal. 
  2. Starbucks- Free Birthday Drink! Any size, flavor, hot, iced, or frozen. Yum! I totally indulged this birthday and went all out with a white mocha frappuccino- two shots of espresso- and one scoop of chips. Perfection. 
  3. Biggby- Another wonderful 'Michigan Based' coffee company that hands out any free drink you can think up for your birthday! 
  4. Victoria's Secret- I never promote the use of credit cards but I have to tell you- I do have a Victoria's Secret card. Why you ask? Well let me put it this way- I haven't had to 'buy' underwear in probably 2-3 years. Just for having the card open I receive (almost monthly) free panty cards in the mail- no purchase required. That's smart shopping if you ask me. 
  5. DSW (Designer Shoe Warehouse)- $5.00 off anything! Have you SEEN the clearance racks at DSW?! Need I say more? I have waltzed out of that place several times with pairs of shoes for under $20.  *Ahem--- check out the picture of the shoes to your right. Yep- birthday shoes scored for under $20 after using my coupon. Cha ching! 
  6. Sephora- Arguably my favorite store on earth, naturally. ;) Sephora rolls out the red carpet for birthdays. I'm sure the promotions change from time to time, but I scored this outstanding Sugar Fresh mini lip duo for free! I should also mention that it's one of my favorite lip products to date. One of the balms is just a moisturizer while the other is moisturizer + color! Awesome. 

       7.  Famous Daves BBQ- Three cheers for another free entree up to $15! Sometimes you just have to get your BBQ on! 
       8.  Pet Supplies Plus- I know- you're like "what?" It's true- even Pet Supplies Plus rewards members get a $5 off coupon for any supplies you may need for your little fluff during your birth month. That really took a chunk off the cost of Bear's food! 
       9.  Buffalo Wild Wings- Free dessert. I didn't use mine, but if you're planning on eating at B-dubs anytime during your birth month, make sure you take advantage of this free dessert! 
       10.  Red Robin- What goes perfectly with bottomless fries and a freckled lemonade?..... A FREE birthday burger!! Yes, and it's all yours when you join the Red Robin club online. 

Well there you have it. 10 reasons to embrace your inner freeloader on your birthday. And if your birthday IS coming up soon then HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you! Here's how I view birthdays: they are always something to celebrate. If you are celebrating your birthday then you are alive and that is good news! 

One thing I want to mention about these free deals: almost all of them involve signing up for the particular companies rewards program. Trust me, it's not hard. Take the time to do it now and later you'll experience freeloading showers of happiness descending on you for your birthday. 

Thank you for reading, you guys are the best. Tell someone about The Bee's Knees today! See you back here tomorrow for more blogging fun. 

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  1. Oh my goodness!!! You really DO know the deals! Thanks for sharing...keep blogging honey, you are amazing!!! :)


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