Juice Beauty Haul + Flower Power!

Friday, May 25, 2012

I love Juice Beauty. And no, they're not paying me to say that 'or' to write this post. I'm just genuinely overjoyed to have found this fabulous 'organic' skincare line.

Everything that I've tried so far from the Juice Beauty line of products, I have loved. With The Bee's Knees recent contest win through Birchbox, I scored any free product of my choosing from Juice Beauty. I chose a tinted spf moisturizer as summer is here and I'm all about protecting my skin so I'm not baggy & saggy later in life. ;) 

When my box of happiness arrived from Juice Beauty I discovered not only my free SPF Tinted Moisturizer, but a sample of the 'Green Apple Peel', a full size 'Reflecting Lip Gloss', a sample 'Antioxidant Serum', and a 'Hydrating Mist'! Can you believe that?? 

The reflecting gloss is totally gorgeous and comes fully equipped with shimmer & hydration. The hydrating mist is the 'perfect' afternoon pick-me-up when sprayed all over the face. The smell is invigorating and fresh. The green apple peel (maybe my most favorite item) is luxury in a bottle. Leave it on for 10 minutes and your face feels brand new! It lightens, tightens, and brightens. The antioxidant serum is perfect for applying to fresh skin under your moisturizer and I personally think it smells like celery. :) And last but not least, you can read all about the SPF moisturizer by clicking here (as I've already dedicated an entire post to it). 

I was so impressed with the items I received that I just had to try their eye cream so I placed an order last week. Juice Beauty was featuring a 'friends and family' event so I scored the eye cream at a major discount. Woot, woot! 

Green Apple Nutrient Eye Cream with two more samples! 
The green apple nutrient eye cream is an 'excellent' product. I am seriously enjoying this baby. The moment you put it on you can feel it feeding your skin. It wears well under makeup and keeps your eyes tight & moisturized all day. 

Ok, let's talk flowers! 

It's summer time at the queen bee's home and that means LOADS of flower fun. Living in the 'Mitten State' means several months of cold each year so when the weather breaks, I take 'full' advantage of planting and displaying as much color as I can! 

Growing up, my mother was a flower & landscaping fanatic (she still is)! I hated it because for me it meant hours of time on a knee pad pulling weeds and dealing with bugs and ultimately- taking precious time away from PLAYING! Hello? I know I have another witness out there. The only plus was finding the occasional 'roly poly', the only bug I ever enjoyed playing with. 

Anyway, it's so so ironic how the years change us because now that I have a home of my own I'm borderline obsessed with flowers & landscaping. I mysteriously find myself in the gardening aisles of supermarkets all summer long. 

Today I want to share some of my flowers with you in hopes that they will brighten your day as they do mine.  :)

Petunia basket that will probably trail around 4 feet long by the end of summer. Pretty!  Purchased at Horrocks Farm Market. You can't go wrong with Horrock's flowers. Can I get an amen? 
Another Petunia basket. Pink & Purple. 
My lovely shadow box Impatients. By the end of summer they fill up the entire box and grow to around 1 foot tall!!
Last but not least, my huge hosta that will bloom in mid-June/July  

Well, that wraps it up for me today. There's just 'one more' thing I want to leave you with today- a hint for Monday's awesome DIY blog! *See the picture below. I wish you all a fantastic Memorial Day weekend! Enjoy it and make sure to remember and support our wonderful men & women in uniform- those who are serving or 'have served'. Let's show honor where honor is due. 

Hint, hint....

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  1. Love the images, so many beautiful flowers.
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