The 'Sunset Eye' Tutorial

Monday, May 14, 2012

Bee's Knees fan Marina requested the tutorial for this beautiful eye look via Facebook last week and I am happy to recreate it today for all of you!

This is a gorgeous look and I'm only sad I didn't come across it earlier. It really does look like a sunset on your eyelid!

I toned the look down a little from the original picture that Marina sent me since it was super bold, but I am seriously digging the way this version turned out. It's much more 'me'.

Let's take a stroll through a picture tutorial to learn how to create this pretty look!

First start by priming you eye and then cover your lid with a bright orange color. I used Sephora's color of the year- Tangerine Tango in their Prisma Chrome line.

Next you will add some bright yellow to the inner eye. My only regret is that I didn't have a very 'bright' yellow. I am dying to try Makeup Forever's yellow! It's so highly pigmented. 

Now take a medium pink color and highlight just below the eyebrow as shown above. 

Purple time! Add some bright yet sultry purple to the crease of your eye. Try to keep the color between the orange and the pink. Make that crease stand out a bit! 

Another glance at the purple crease.

Now take some purple eyeliner and line your lower lash line and into the water line. Once you finish lining, take a small makeup brush and apply the same purple you used on the eyelid and go over the purple liner. This helps smudge it and gives it a smokey feel (as shown below). 

Now it's time to BLEND! Blending is the KEY to this look. Take a large makeup blending brush and blend 'everything' together. This may feel weird, like you're messing everything up, but it is the trick to achieving the 'sunset' look. 

To complete the look add black liquid liner to the top, fill in eyebrows slightly, and apply black mascara! 

And you're done! 

Thank you so much for reading!
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I hope everyone has a wonderful evening. I will see you all back here on Wednesday for more fun. 

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