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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Hello friends and welcome to the new & updated look of The Bee's Knees! I guess you could say we've undergone a little 'makeover' of sorts. ;) 

Ok, so by now we all know that I'm a pretty huge fan of Birchbox. I review the contents of my Birchbox each month here on The Bee's Knees. Many of you also know that the blog recently won it's first contest through Birchbox! That is super exciting and I'm hoping to post all the details on that this week, I am just waiting on a few more things to fall into place.

We also know about my new obsession with Zoya nail polish as I have posted about it several times as of late. I received a gorgeous purple pastel color in my January Birchbox and I wear it all the time. Why the obsession with Zoya? Well for starters, their nail polishes are free of any harmful chemicals or additives! Hello, this is what I'm preaching all the time. Natural products rock. What makes Zoya even better is that somehow it manages to last up to 50% LONGER than other traditional nail polishes! It's a win-win deal people. 

What if I told you that Zoya and Birchbox teamed up to create an 'exclusive' collection of BLOG INSPIRED nail polishes!? Mhmmmm.... It's true. 

Birchbox held a contest a while back for bloggers to create 'mood boards' based on colors and styles that were inspiring them this year. Other bloggers (like myself) voted on the mood boards and the top three colors landed their own Zoya nail polish. Incredible. 

I obviously HAD to have this beautiful collection as it was inspired by my fellow beauty bloggers. And the best part? I had a $10 credit in my Birchbox account so instead of paying $22 I only paid $12 for the set. Call me the Queen Bee of deals. 

Let's review the set together shall we? :) *Note: I am wearing the pink color on all of the nails except for my ring finger which I've chosen to wear the orange. I like the look. Check it out:

Card that came with the set.
The pink to the far left is gorgeous! Even a little shimmery. 
Pink (in hand) 
Red color (in hand). I am not wearing this color in the picture. I plan on putting it on my toes this evening! 
Orange color (in hand). The orange is only on my ring finger. 

Thank you so much for reading and following The Bee's Knees. You guys are the greatest! 
If you would like to purchase this nail polish set for yourself or a friend, simply click here to be directed to Birchbox. Thank you for all of your comments, I love reading them. I hope everyone has a wonderful day and I'll see you back here on Friday!  


  1. You wear every color so well. :) Love this new look, and love you more!!!! Keep blogging! You're amazing! :)

  2. Your new look is SOOOO awesome!!! Great job Melissa Joy!!! :)


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