DIY Braided Rope Bracelet

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hello friends! 

I am going to jump right into today's tutorial as my day is coming to a close. I am 'super' excited to share this adorable braided rope bracelet tutorial with you today. I know you will love it and it's especially cute for the summer time. Enjoy! 

The materials: 
Old t-shirts or other material, 1/2 inch magnets, some thin ribbon, and a hot glue gun. That's it!

Pictured: an old shirt, lace, ribbon, and spare fabric I had laying around the house. 
Cut strips of fabric and make them all the same length. You can measure your wrist before hand so that you have an idea of how long to cut the strips. 

Tie a knot at the end of the strips of fabric. 

Hold the end of the knot between your heels and begin braiding. It works best when sitting on the ground, naturally. 

Tie a knot at the opposite end once you've achieved the desired length. 
Cut off knots, hot glue attracting magnets in their place...

To cover up the ugly black magnets I took a small piece of ribbon and hot glued it around the outside of the magnet as pictured above. 

Two finished bracelets I created (above).

Now WEAR them!! :)
Love it! I'm having a blast wearing these babies around. 

I hope everyone has a 'great' evening! Thank you for reading and following The Bee's Knees. 

Just so you all know- we DO have a giveaway winner who will be announced 'tomorrow'! I am very excited about that so stay tuned. Also, I will be back here tomorrow with more blogging fun. 


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