June 2012 Birchbox Review

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hello Bees! How are you today? We're half way through the week, are you hanging in there? If your day is 'less-than-awesome' then I hope this post will cheer you up a bit! :)

Today we're reviewing the contents of June's Birchbox. The theme for this month's box was 'Jet Set'- items you need to be 'plane ready' so to speak.

I was pleasantly surprised with the contents and I'm excited to try them all out! I'm sure you'll be catching periodic Facebook updates regarding my love for each item. I've been known to do that. Let's begin!

June Birchbox 

First up is this 'adorable' little designer box of Band-Aids by Cynthia Rowley. Cute, cute, and cute. If you need to deal with an 'owie' then at least you'll look stylish as you nurse it back to health. ;)
Band-Aids- Pack of 20: $15

Masqueology - Brightening Mask  3 Masks: $24
I have yet to try this mask but it looks promising. Many people don't use masks because they don't realize the importance, but let me tell you- they're crucial to any beauty routine! It's like Drain-O for the pores. 

Ada Cosmetics - Bronzer  Full Size: $12.45
A beautiful bronzer that works great over my spf tinted moisturizer! Love this product. Hello summer glow!

Likewise - Facial Moisturizer + Sun Protectant SPF 50 - Normal to Dry 
Full Size: $44
A zinc-infused powerful cream that packs a powerful SPF 50 sun-blocking punch!

'The Balm' Cosmetics - Stainiac in Beauty Queen 
Full size: $17
A lip and cheek stain all in one!? I'm in love.

Ok, I was totally going to wait to show you this little beauty in another post, but since patience was never my strong suit I am giving in and showing it to you today. Beach floppy hat!! YES. And what a bargain I found. Head to your local Walgreens people because I snatched this baby today for only $5.99! Crazy cute and CHEAP! Fully equipped with ribbon and all. Check it out. :) 

 As always- thank you for reading! I'll see you back here on Friday.

If you haven't entered the current Birchbox Giveaway, click here to do so!! Don't miss out. Giveaway ends on the 20th of June. Have a great day everyone. 


  1. Oooh can't wait to get my birchbox -it comes in today! Love the floppy hat! You know what though, I always wear my floppy hat beachside and poolside to keep the sun out of my eyes and off my face and yet my face is STILL darker than my neck. Always such a summer bummer lol.

  2. I agree Tereza! Love them. :)

  3. @ Kristina- I hear you on that! I think it's just because our faces are the most 'exposed' all summer long. One more reason to use a good SPF moisturizer!! :)

    1. Definitely. I wish I had gotten the goop! My full sized product was Stila's one-step bronzer which is pretty awesome though. And I'm seriously loving Stainiac!

    2. Agreed. The Stainiac is amazing!

  4. I got the same birchbox as you and I'm extremely happy with it. I think we got the best one!!

    1. I think you're right Tiffany! Aren't the band aids so cute? :)


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