Retro Glam + Birchbox Giveaway Winner

Friday, June 22, 2012

The 50's called.... 

What's NOT to love about the style of the 50's? When I look back at the fashion of the era I see bombshell glamour, red lips, and plenty of waist-accentuating love! Modest was 'hottest' and you never needed an occasion to play dress up. 

Today we're going to revisit the 50's. Years ago I purchased a pair of retro glam, high waisted shorts from Express because they were cheap (on sale) and really cute! I wasn't entirely sure where I'd wear them but this year they're going to be making several appearances, trust me. They are making their debut in this blog post.

Mod/retro is 'in' and here are a few pictures that inspired me to create today's blog:

Grace Kelly - Classic
These cute shorts are available for purchase right now on Polyvore's

I hope you've enjoyed our little trip back in time today. ;) 

Well, the day is finally here! I am happy to announce that our June Birchbox Giveaway winner is:

Congratulations girl! 

Melody has won a $25 e-gift card to the Birchbox store. Thank you to 'everyone' who entered the giveaway! There is much more where that came from so stay tuned in to the Bee's Knees to find out about our next juicy giveaway. 

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend! I'll be back with you on Monday and you won't want to miss what I have in the works for you. Wink, wink...


  1. loving this look on you!! I'm not confident enough with my thighs to ever pull those off, but they are totally adorbs!


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