DIY Ombré Tee

Monday, July 23, 2012

Welcome to the first installment of Ombré Week here at The Bee's Knees!

Ombré coloring/dying is HUGE right now. I've seen this method used lately on anything from hair, nails, dresses, shirts, pants, and beyond! It seems that ombré is everywhere! Today I'm here to show you a super cute way to spice up an old cotton tee!

All you will need is a spray bottle, box of RIT dye, and (1) cotton shirt. That's it!  

I have 'several' more ombré/dye ideas and variations that I'll be showing in upcoming blogs (because I had so much fun creating this one) so stay plugged in to see those. Let's jump in to today's post! 

DIY Ombré Tee 

My plain green cotton tee from Victoria's Secret. 

Good ol' Rit Dye! Mix a small portion in warm water and shake well in spray bottle. 

Spray bottles. Picked up at the Dollar Store. 

Stretch the shirt over the lid of a bin or some other board/plastic material. 

Begin spraying the dye onto the shirt. Start with heavy saturation at the bottom and then gradually get lighter & lighter the closer you get to the top of the shirt. 

It should begin looking something like this.

The back.

Let the shirt COMPLETELY dry then rinse it out well under the sink until most of the dye is out.

Throw it in the washer (preferably by itself) and wash as normal. 
WEAR IT! The color fades out 'soo' nicely and looks awesome. 

I hope everyone has a fabulous week! Make sure to tune in on Wednesday and Friday for the remaining installments of Ombré Week here at The Bee's Knees! It's going to be exciting. 

I LOVE my followers. :) If you haven't taken the time to do so- get plugged in today!


  1. Melissa, I'm so glad I finally had some down time at (cough, cough - work) to visit your blog. Everything looks great! I'm still waiting to watch some of your cool tutorials on video! You can DO it! :)


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