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Friday, July 6, 2012

Greetings from Kansas! This trip has introduced me to a whole new kind of hot. Wow. I'm talking about the kind of hot where you're sitting in one place doing nothing and still manage to perspire from head to toe. Yeah.... 104 degrees has not been kind to me. Pass the sunscreen.

Ok, on to today's topic- hair styles... Where to even begin? For starters, I've had about a billion of them! I am a very spontaneous individual and have always enjoyed the thrill of rocking something new. Angled bangs, feather extensions, layers, highlights, and lowlights- I've tried it all! My good friend once told me that she was living her 'hair life' vicariously through me because I'm brave enough to try anything. haha...

I thought it might be fun to give my new readers a small 'hair timeline' of my recent and 'not so recent'
past. I am currently growing my hair out and let me tell you- it nearly drives me mad. I can hardly stand not DOING something with this mop top, but over time I have learned that more trips to the salon = slower grow out time. So where does that leave me?- Taking loads of vitamins, drinking more than enough water, and scanning Pinterest every waking moment to find out how to get creative in styling this medium length mop.

You know the worst part of growing out my hair? I have the best hairdresser on the planet (Shout out to Ms. Kasey Reed @ Hair Peace Salon!!) and I know she can 'fab' me up anytime I stop in. Yep, she 'is' the stuff and can seriously create anything I throw at her. I have never had a single bad haircut from this girl. I even had the privilege of modeling for her (and subsequently the salon) last November in a fun little photo shoot. Good times.

Let's take a stroll through time shall we? Who knows, maybe you'll even be inspired to try one of these  hair styles. -Or get a good laugh at some of the 'older' ones.

CAMP! Everything about this picture makes me laugh. The outfit, the shoes, the huge hair top with retro flips on both sides. All of this can only add up to one thing- middle school camp years! Yeah baby. I am a 10 year veteran of my summer camp. Loved-every-year.  
Oh gosh... High school. Hot rollers, jump suit, and straight teeth (finally!). Braces are a beautiful thing. I am sporting some blonde highlights in this picture too.
More high school. My senior year I think. Long hair with red undertones. I miss those long locks. 
Post high school. Maybe 2007? My hair is naturally curly so if I gel it or mousse it, this is what it does.   
Wedding day. LOVED this hairstyle. I found the design in a magazine and my hairstylist recreated it perfectly. It was sort of braided, looped, and woven together. (*And yes, that is my dress in the picture above. It had so many voluptuous layers of tulle that it could stand up on its own.)  
A better view of the back of my wedding hair. 
At my dear friend's wedding! I had chopped off the long locks for this cute bob with lowlights. 
Still rocking the bob, but added bangs. 

Angeld bangs! They are hard to see in this picture but they were super fun.
Grow baby grow! I had let my hair grow out and it is shown here in its natural brown color.
Feather extension added + angled bangs! This remains one of my favorite hair styles to date. 
Stacked bob with bangs all grown out. 
THE CHOP! Here is a picture of my 'modeling' hair. Fire red highlights with dark undertones and all the sass you could find. I loved this cut. 
Christmas 2011 with my sweetheart.

Well, there you have it! Not even close to displaying every cut and style I've had but that should give you a good taste. ;)

Ben and I are having a blast here in Kansas. I have been snapping lots of photos and plan on sharing them in an upcoming blog post so look for that.

Thank you so much for reading and following The Bee's Knees! I wish you all a wonderful weekend.


  1. You have always been so beautiful! I wish my hair grew fast enough to try different stuff! <3


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