Indoor S'mores

Monday, July 30, 2012

In my family we take s'mores very seriously. Maybe it's a northern thing, I don't know. But those posers who use only ONE lousy marshmallow are seriously missing the mark. Just saying...

Those who have graced our home for a bon fire leave forever changed by the magnitude of yummy we squeeze into the savory little treats. And while, in a perfect world, one could enjoy a camp fire and beautiful weather at any time, it is highly unrealistic that the settings will prove 'just right' each time a craving arises. *A dilemma immediately rises in the mind of the reader.* Don't fret, I am here to inform you that I hold the key to a solution- Indoor S'mores!

Yes, you heard me right! When you feel 'the urge to splurge' coming on strong- bust out the toaster oven and get ready to partayyy! In fact, you could turn this into an entire 'stay-at-home' date night if you wanted to. Think about it..... A movie, popcorn, s'mores, etc. Sounds like a good time to me!

Ok, get out the milk and toaster and let's make some s'mores.

Indoor S'mores

First- get the goods! Graham crackers, marshmallows, & chocolate. *Note: my s'more chocolate of choice is dark chocolate but we didn't have any for this batch, bummer.

Prep it! Get the chocolate and graham crackers broken into squares like so: 
Next, get them ready to receive the marshmallows by stacking little piles in this order: 1. Graham Cracker, 2. Chocolate, 3. Graham Cracker.  Got it?

Roast 'em & toast 'em baby. Simply line them up on a piece of tin foil, put them in the toaster oven, turn it on, and watch them brown! 

They get so fat & fluffy!! 

Once they're browned, place 'one' marshmallow between the graham cracker & chocolate on side one....

Then flip it over and do the same with side two!

Yummy! I recommend you enjoy your s'more with a cold glass of Almond Milk (or your favorite milk beverage of choice).

:) Thoroughly enjoy yourself!

Oh, what's that? You like that manicure?? You can find my tutorial on DIY Newspaper Nails by clicking here. 

Make the most of your Monday people! And as always- thanks for reading.

Ps- **A huge thank you to my cool mother who opened her home and gave me the incredible idea of posting this tutorial. Love you mom!

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