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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hello friends and welcome to 'Part 2' of  Ombré Week here at The Bee's Knees! Today we'll be taking a spin through an easy-to-do eye tutorial that's sure to give you the most gorgeous ombré results. I think you're going to love this statement eye look that works perfect for an evening out! 

For colors I used Buxom's light green shadow in Shih Tzu (inner eye), Sephora's shocking bright green color from their collection (center eyelid), Lorac's sparkly black (outer eye), and another Lorac light tan color on the upper brow bone. I also used Revlon's Color Stay Eyeliner in black and two coasts of Covergirl Lashblast mascara. 

Ok, are you ready to get colored!? 

Ombré Eye Look 

1. Start by applying (to primed eyes of course) a light green color to the inner corners of the eyes only.   

2. Next add a darker green and cover the remainder of the eyelid. Saturate it pretty heavy to ensure a bright hue.

Another view 

3. Take a stiff brush and pack some black onto the outer corners of the eyes. Black can be scary to some people but it doesn't have to be. Just try 'patting' it on. Then make sure you blend it in well with a blending brush. 

Another view 

4. Add a soft & shimmery highlighting color just under the brow bone. This really makes the rest of the colors stand out. Blend 'all' colors together well after this. 

5. Apply liquid liner and fill in brows

6. Mascara!- Last step. Apply two coats. 

The Finished Product: 

Aaaaannnnnd, we're done! I hope you will be brave and try a new and fun eye look soon. I know some of my readers can be hesitant when it comes to pulling off daring styles. Just start with something less bold and work your way up. You might find that you 'LOVE' it. At the last wedding I was at I applied makeup on a girl that was a minimalist. When I finished her makeup she looked hesitant at first (because she's used to wearing very little) but by the end of the night and several compliments later, she came to me saying how excited she was to continue trying new things! 

Sometimes we just need a little confidence boost. ;) 

In other news- 
My amazing mother was FINALLY able to style my hair in an updo! Can you believe it? I was so ecstatic. I just loved the way this turned out. She took pieces of hair and pinned them this way and that way until it looked fabulous. Take a peek at the back:

Thank you so much for reading and following! I love you guys. :) I hope you're enjoying Ombré Week. Friday will conclude the series and it's going to be another fun post so watch for that. 

Have a great rest of your week, wherever you are in this world! 

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