Roses & Romance - A Frivolous Photo Shoot

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Ben and I had 'soo' much fun at this photo shoot a few weeks back. Our friends Tammy & JC captured these photos and they turned out 'perfectly'.

Ben and I really wanted to frame this time in our lives and what better way than through pictures? We never technically had 'official' engagement pictures so let's just say we thoroughly enjoyed each other this evening. Since I'm particularly fond of my amazing husband, it is never a chore or even an act to 'appear' so in love.... We just are.

I hope you enjoy a glance at just a few of these sweet pictures.

Sneaking a kiss

Fun with a vintage camera
 One of my absolute favorites! 

Roses in full bloom! 


Well, it is shaping up to be another very busy week of travel for me and the hubs as we will be flying to Kansas for a family reunion soon. The exciting news is that you're coming with me! I plan on squeezing in a blog or two while we're gone. Just bear with me if the blog posts come at odd times or seem sporadic, I will try my best! Check back frequently.  

I wish everyone (in the United States) a Happy 4th of July tomorrow! I will be taking the day off to celebrate my freedom and will be thoughtfully remembering those who paid the ultimate sacrifice by giving their lives for this nation and its cause.
I thank God for such a wonderful country, my home, The United States of America! 



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