DIY Glitter 'Heart' Shorts

Monday, August 13, 2012

Good evening lovelies!

This might be the latest blog post I've ever released. I am hoping that everyone will have a chance to see this, if not tonight then tomorrow!

So here's the deal- I like sewing. It's kind of a new revelation for me and I'm sure I have a ton of learning ahead, but I'm having a blast with the basics. Today's post will incorporate a bit of sewing (seriously minimal, don't freak) so read on and enjoy this fun DIY refashion!

I've had this old pair of American Eagle Bermudas for a really long time and I don't know WHY I ever bought the things because I've never liked them. *Sigh...* Women...

Anyway, I decided that it was pointless to let them hog valuable dresser space if I wasn't going to use them. It was time to draw a line- get rid of them or refashion them. I chose the latter. It just so happens that around this time I stumbled upon a really neat tutorial from Teen Vogue showcasing this adorable glitter short idea. And there you have it folks... The light bulb went on and I got busy creating!

The plus side to this project is that you can customize it anyway you want! I chose hearts but someone else might use birds, anchors, polka dots, etc.

DIY Glitter 'Heart' Shorts 

Find a pair of jeans or crops that need some refashioning. 

Measure evenly and crop them. Make sure you leave enough room to roll up the bottoms once. 

Roll them up and stitch them so they'll stay put. 

Draw different sized hearts on paper, cut them out using an x-acto knife, and paint over them to transfer the heart shapes onto the shorts! *Note: Make sure you purchase a glittery FABRIC paint. I got mine at Joann Fabrics for $1.97 on sale! 

Keep painting on the hearts until you are happy with the number and placement. 

Let the paint completely dry. 

And wear them!! 

Enjoy your cute new re-purposed shorts! :) 

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Love you all! 

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