DIY Marbled Nails

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Happy Wednesday friends! How are you doing today? Hanging in there this week? 

Would a fun DIY Marbled Nail tutorial boost your mood??! :) This is SUPER fun and turned out better than I expected. You should most definitely try it. Want to know the best part? You only need three products! Light nail polish color, dark polish color, and plastic wrap- that's it!

Just so you know up front- I 'totally' snagged this idea from Birchbox. They posted it to Facebook a few weeks back and it was love at first sight. I knew I had to try it. 

Ok, without further delay, I give you the Marbled Nail tutorial: 

Marbled Nails 

Begin with one or two coats of your favorite pastel nail color. 

Next apply one coat of a darker, contrasting color. I chose this pretty dark purple by OPI (compliments of my sister) called Vampsterdam.

Lastly, take small pieces of plastic wrap and dab them over each nail after you paint them. This creates a marbled effect and removes some of the dark polish to reveal some of the lighter underneath. Cool huh?

That's literally it! Here's another image of the finished product. Have fun rocking those marbled nails girls! 

Thank you for reading. Love you all and I'll see you back here on Friday! 

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