Weekend Recap // Beach bliss + Reaching a goal!

Monday, August 6, 2012

My husband is incredible. I just have to get that out on the table right up front.

This past Thursday as I was finishing up my work from home at about 4:30 pm, he comes barging into the library where I was sitting and tells me to pack my things because we are going to watch the sunset on Lake Michigan! Can you believe him? My mouth almost hit the floor I was so surprised. And here's the thing with me and surprises....I LOVE THEM!!- And he knows it. The man was speaking my language, just saying.

So I packed my bags and we were off for two days of fun in the sun! It also just so 'happened' to be Coast Guard Festival time in Grand Haven and that was great too. Lots of cool things happening for sure.

In addition to my little adventure to the beach, I also accomplished a fun goal this past weekend! I ran my first ever 5k on Saturday and it was a blast. Let's just say it's been on the bucket list for a while so 'doing' it was a great feeling. Actually, I enjoyed myself so much that I'll be running a few more before the year is over.

Let's take a picture tour together through the last few days ok? :)

Noodles & Company for din din on the way out to the lake. Admit it, you love the noodles.

Absolutely breathtaking sunset over Lake Michigan. Did Ben pick a good night to take me or what?

My love in front of the ginormous ship! So cool..

5k time!! My absolutely fabulous friend Shante is pictured here with me and her sweet girl (who I partially view as my own) Alathea. I somehow managed to talk Shante into running with me and she trained hard and finished strong! Way to go girl.. 

We did it! 
Most of the route was uphill and it was 'very' humid out this particular morning. About halfway through I was contemplating the meaning of life. ;) 

Oh you know.... Just showing off the bling. 

That concludes our picture tour! What a jam-packed weekend huh? I dropped a line to our Facebook friends on Friday telling them that I would have loads to share in today's blog. I wasn't kidding! Thank you so much for reading and sharing The Bee's Knees with your friends. Some pretty cool things are coming up in the way of DIY and also a fun and reminiscent journey through our trip to Italy last year. I've recently come to realize that I haven't shared much about the best trip of my life and I should probably do that soon. 

Oh, and one more thing (pretend to get super excited with me)- my hair is getting longer! Here's a sneak peek of the growth progress: 
As my hair gets longer you can count on some sweet hair tutorials! Woo hoo...

Ok friends, I'll see you back here on Wednesday. You're the best and I love you. 


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