What I'm loving now. Chunky beads, Vera Wang, & Toms.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Deals, deals, deals...... That is the story of my life. Momma didn't raise no fool. ;) I never mess with the 'front-of-the-store' business, I just cut straight back to the sale racks! You never know WHAT you're going to find on a sale rack. My best days are when I hit the 'just marked down' stuff. Score!

Let's be honest, the thing that stinks about being a bargain hunter is that sometimes you have to put your 'wants' on hold until that particular 'want' goes on sale. But I'll tell you what- it's so, so worth it when you score a fabulous deal.

People are always asking me "Where did you get that?" or "How did you get those so cheap?" and that brings me to today's post, as I share some of my latest bargain finds with you. Cool? :)

What I'm loving now...

Toms Ballet Flats - $29 out the door. Yes, that's a crazy deal. Here's how I did it:
I had a gift card for $25 to a local shoe store so I went to check out what they had to offer. I found these ballet flats on the sale rack. $74: original price. $54: sale price. You do the math! $54-$25 (gift card) = $29.00. That is a good day in my book. :)
The verdict on these ballet flats: amazingly comfortable. 

Vera Wang color-blocked purse: $25.00 
How I did it:
Shopped at Kohls in the clearance purse section. This purse was $129.00 new and it came home with me for $25! Incredible, and so cute for fall. 

My chunky beads! $5.00 at Francesca's Collections Boutique. 
Naturally, I found these on a sale rack. Obviously this necklace is a big deal (pun intended) because I've seen it on Pinterest about 100 times! Who would have known I'd be purchasing such a highly coveted item?

Here are a few more *completely candid* shots of me sporting the goods. I say candid because Ben took these pics and didn't tell me when he was snapping the camera. He just LOVES doing that. Boys... Anyway, enjoy! 

Thanks for reading friends!! See you back here on Friday. :) 


  1. Love, love, LOVE the necklace!!! :)

    1. Thanks Jessica! Yeah, I got a really spectacular deal on it. My only rule when wearing it- make sure I have a plain shirt on! The necklace creates its own neckline.

  2. Such cuteness should be against the law! LOL! Love it all, and love you more!


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