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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ok girls, let's talk about what I'm loving right now. There are several beauty products that I use every day that are 'musts' in my regiment however, two stick out distinctly and have also proven to be essential summer staples for me.

First up is the Beauty Blender! Three cheers for this new little friend of mine. Some of you may recognize this item as I reviewed it last month in our 'Birchbox Review'.   
I can't believe how impressed I've been with this makeup applicator. It seems like I'm always rotating between sponges, brushes, and using my hands when it comes to applying tinted moisturizers or beauty balms. The only problem is, I'll inevitably end up fighting streaks or uneven patches of color. Not any more! The unique shape and design of the Beauty Blender makes it perfect for rolling, patting, and smoothing on even the trickiest of concealers. Do yourself a favor and invest in one of these magic eggs. :) I doubt you'll regret it. Maybe I'll post a video soon to show how I use mine. 

Up next is Stila's sparkle waterproof liquid eyeliner in color- Flash. The benefits of this eyeliner are almost to many to number. For starters, it's a sparkly eyeliner that doesn't look tacky! It's more of a 'glisten' really. 
One of my favorite benefits however, is the ability to wear this liner without ANY eye primer or shadow underneath. Come on, you know you love that idea! We ALL have our busy days when we're inevitably running short on time and makeup just isn't our top priority. That's when I grab this liner, apply two coats, throw some mascara and tinted moisturizer on, and I'm out the door! 

This liner dries almost like a glue so it's not going to rub off on your upper eyelid halfway through the day. I plan on owning this liner in every color possible!! *By the way- I know it's hard to tell in the pictures, but the color 'Flash' is like a soft gold metallic with shimmer. I personally think this color would be flattering on anyone! 

Good news people--- Both of these items are available for purchase in the Birchbox store online so check it out! 

Thanks for sharing this part of your day with me. I just love you guys! I'll see you back here on Friday with a fun DIY blog post. 

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