A little wonder.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hello world, meet litte wonder:

This small ratting brush (while little in appearance) REALLY puts out the volume! Don't believe me?...

;) Told you so...

A bargain at $5 dollars, this brush is the only tool I've ever used that gives me the desired volume results I've always longed for. I seriously can't find anything else that works as well as this little guy. 

Do yourself a favor and head to your local Sally Beauty Supply and invest in this nylon and boar bristled miracle. You can thank me later. 

Here's how this polished pompadour hairstyle turned out (and steps to achieve it):

1.) Rat hair in small sections and be sure to get those side pieces as well. You don't want all the hair to be standing up in the middle. 

Once you've ratted all the sections, smooth the top hairs down over the rest and pin back.  

I pulled the remaining hair back and made a small bun. 

Nice volume, effortlessly! 

Have an excellent evening! Sorry this post is getting to you so late. 

Thanks for reading!


  1. Ha! Too funny! My boys have that brush! The gal that cuts their hair was giving them away for free one week at the salon and I didn't even realize it was a ratting/teasing brush! I'm stealing it! Ha!

  2. how cute!

    We wanted you to find out first about our Giveaway, maybe you want to join the fun!

    xoxo, 0941

  3. I need one of those! I can't read the name on the picture you have posted, could you tell me the exact name, so I buy the right one? Thanks Sweetie! I can't believe rating is coming back in style.


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