A Giveaway Winner + Colorful Eye Inspiration

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

First of all I have to say- THANK YOU to all of you, my wonderful friends who entered and participated in this giveaway. The response was overwhelming with more than 300 entries! Dang... I guess you guys like freebies! **Note taken.  ;)

Without further delay, please join me in congratulating our Disney Makeup Palette Giveaway winner::: 

Jerrilynn A! 

Jerrilynn is a new follower and friend of The Bee's Knees and scored a super cool makeup palette! I wish I could give you ALL a prize for being so awesome, but well, I'd be broke.  

HOWEVER!--- If you were seriously digging this giveaway, then wait until you see what I have up my sleeve next! Woah... Hang on because it's going to get exciting around here (yes, I already have something in mind). Anyway, so stay tuned for all of the details on that in the coming months.  

On to today's inspiration.... 

Colorful eyes are a big deal this season and well, I'm taking it seriously!! Check out this bold colorful eye makeup I'm wearing today and get inspired to try something new yourself. Be brave, you can do it!! *That's me being your cheerleader. 

Thanks for reading guys! Love you all. 

Candice will be back with you this Friday and she has something 'oh-so-adorable' to share with you. I just know you'll love it. 

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