A vintage box of tea + I made something cool!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Hi guys! 

Sorry it's been a while since I blogged. Thankfully my AWESOME sister has been around (and will be around more, by the way!) to help me lately as my life has just been extra 'crazy'. Crazy in a good way.  

I have 2 cool things to share with you today. 

First- Celestial Seasonings Tea recently came out with a SWEET looking vintage box design for their Sleepytime Tea. I am in love. I basically bought it because I liked the box. Ok, and because I needed more tea. Do I have any more Sleepytime lovers in the house?? Nothing winds me down better than this savory evening blend. 

Ok, here's the box:

Love? Yes. 

Am I a total nerd because I get so into this stuff? Probably. Here's what the side of the box says: 

"Way back in 1972, we saw the need for a truly soothing tea to help calm the nervous world around us. So we created our most relaxing tea, gave it the most relaxing name we could think of, and decorated it with a simple drawing of a peacefully sleeping bear. Since then, our soothing Sleepytime Herbal Tea has become the most beloved herbal tea in North America, and our iconic Sleepytime Bear (along with his family and napping kitty) has helped millions of people wind down their day. Featuring the same calming Sleepytime blend you love, this special Limited Edition 40th Anniversary package is our way of saying thanks to everyone who has shared a little bit of Sleepytime magic over the years." 

Be honest, who's going to brew a cup of tea after reading this blog? ;) 

What else do I love about this vintage box? A collectible tin! Score. Heading to a girls night/sleepover? Bring your favorite tea with you in this cute tin. Eee!

Ok, thanks for bearing (pun intended) with me as I ranted about my fav tea. Let's move on. 

I made something cool. I consider myself pretty creative but this idea actually came from the hubs.

So, I found this smashed quarter one day while walking down the railroad tracks by our house with Ben. I was instantly fascinated because I thought it looked sweet and well, I was just thrilled to find someone's smashed quarter (it doesn't take much people). 

So it had a hole in it due to the royal 'smashing' it received on the railroad tracks and so Ben was like "Hey, you should make that into a necklace", and so I did! And guess what? I love it! I just drove myself down to Joann Fabrics, picked up some jewelry making supplies, and Tada!- Finished. 

Here are the supplies I used:

The Quarter: 

The necklace:

Wearing it:

Ok, that's it for me today! Have a super duper good night and I'll see you back here on Friday. 
Love you guys! Thanks for reading. 


  1. Love the necklace and the blog. :) Yes, tea always hits the spot. <3

  2. Very cool! the necklace that is! I wish I liked tea.

    But I love you! That's for sure!


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