Scarf 'Head Wrap' Tutorial

Friday, October 26, 2012

Yay, it's Friday! 

Don't you look forward to this day all week? I know I do.

My sister (and fellow guest blogger) Candice is in Missouri this weekend visiting her friends and 'significant other'-Shane. She is going to see Les Misérables tonight at one of the most gorgeous theaters in the nation. 

Check it out:
(Fox Theater, St. Louis)  

Am I jealous?? NO! Don't be ridiculous, why would I be jealous??... **Cough, cough....** 
Ok, I'm totally jealous. 

Anyway, I am 'super' excited for her and I know she's going to have a great time. I told her to take lots of pictures so that she can share her experience when she's back with us next week. :)

Moving on to the entire reason we're here today::: The Scarf Wrap Tutorial!! 
I promised you I'd deliver the goods and here we are. 

You can create this cute look with just about any small or medium scarf. You don't want to try this with a 'huge' scarf as it would probably just end up looking more like a turban than anything. And we don't want that. 
I scored this scarf while I was out thrifting one day (a favorite pastime) and it works perfect for this tutorial. Not to mention, polka dots are totally 'IN' this season! *Blog post to come on Polka Dot fashion later.*

And here's how I wore it: 

Start by wrapping the scarf around the back of your head and overlap the two sections on the top of your head.  
Tie it once.

Wrap one side around the back & under the scarf.

And tuck the remaining fabric under the scarf, like this ^

Repeat the same steps for the other side, only this time wrap it around the 'front' side of the scarf.

And you're done! Simple, cute, and a great way to wear your hair when you don't fee like washing & re-styling it.

Wishing you all a fabulous weekend full of fun & relaxation!

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  1. It's Mom, using Candice's lap top. :) First of all, you are just WAY too cute! Love the scarf look, and the tutorial. Wow, you are so talented! :) Love you the most..... Mom


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