A Bee's Knees Thanksgiving.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

A Thanksgiving celebration through my eyes!...

Pretty Mantel. 
The girls. *Well, 'some' of us. There are over 50 in our family now so this represents just a few of us. 
Homemade French Macarons & Molasses cookies by me. 
Candice, Grandma, & Me. 
I love this picture. Daddy & Bear looking out the front door.
Random yummies. Not that I had any.... *cough, cough.. 
Candice's incredibly cool nails. Blog post to come? 
My gorgeous Mom. 
Ben and I preparing to open our little gift from Grandma & Grandpa. :) 
Score! Tazo tea for two. Thanks Gma & Gpa. I love Tazo and especially Zen!

My Grandparents new custom decorated Christmas tree. I love it! 

Just wanted to drop a line to share some of my Thanksgiving with all of you. :) 
I'll be back with you soon! Have a great rest of your weekend. 


  1. What a big and beautiful family you have.
    And that Christmas tree is amazing!

  2. What wonderful memories we made! Love this time of year!


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