OPI Pink of Hearts 2012

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Helllloooooo guys! 

There are a few great things about November. Here you have them:
1.) Thanksgiving 
2.) Black Friday Sales!!!!!!! I'm one of those crazy shoppers
3.) Yummy baked goods
4.) Cute, pink breast cancer awareness buys at 1/2 price! 

I love pink. I know everyone associates it with breast cancer awareness, but my fascination with pink hues is purely founded on the love for the color! That's one reason I appreciate all the breast cancer awareness buys- they're pink and fun! Think about it, you can buy pink pots, pans, spatulas, Kitchenaid mixers, and so much more. I want them all. Ben isn't crazy about the idea. ;) haha.

Anyway, I scored this cute set of pink OPI nail polishes for only $5! What a steal! They are normally $8 per bottle. **Tip- you might want to hit up stores right now for pink items as most of them are at least 1/2 off since October is behind us.

Here's the first color:

And the sparkly top coat!:

Adorable huh?

I'll be back with you this Friday for some fashion FUNNNN! Don't miss it. 


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