A few of my favorite things...

Monday, December 3, 2012

These are a few of my favorite things... 
Sharing a few of my favorite, special Christmas ornaments with you today! I hope you enjoy. 

:) It's no secret. Ben and I love Starbucks. '08

Who else loves this movie??

'Puppy Love'  '07

My very first Christmas ornament. :) 

The matching snow globes! Benjamin & Melissa  

'What could it be??'   '11
How perfectly this ornament suits me. I can't stand the wait until Christmas morning. 

We love espresso. For Ben, 2010

One round trip ticket for the Polar Express! Ben, 2011

My mom got this ornament for me a few months before Ben proposed. It's a ring in the box with a little mouse writing "To: My Love" on the scroll.  :) 

So cute, so cute.. 

Christmas 1987. -Ben

Warm, holiday greetings from me to you! 
Have a great day everyone. 

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