Christmas Memoirs

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Welcome friends! 
How was your Christmas? Good I hope.  :)

Mine was lovely, except for the fact that my mother caught the stomach flu (on Christmas day) and was ill for most of the excitement. Boo... Not cool. I felt awful for her. I am however, happy to report that she's feeling better now, so that's good.

What did you do this Christmas? Hang out with family, friends? I did a little of both. Christmas Eve was especially magical as we were able to spend time with dear ones and eat loads of delicious food. The prize for most delectable appetizer always goes to my dad who knocks it out of the park with homemade hot wings! Mmmm... 

I was *extremely* blessed this year and gratefully received several 'blog worthy' presents that I can't wait to share with all of you. In the meantime, here are a few snapshots from my special little homespun Christmas: 

Simply adorable gingerbread cookies by Beth! 

Coffee <3

Immediate family... 

And extended family!! Steve and Beth (far right) are practically our 'immediate family'- minus the blood relation. Love, love, love them.

Ben loves me! I wanted this foot bath 'soo' bad. :) Hello at-home pedicures! 

What it looks like out my front door as I type this blog post! :) Yippie. 2-3 inches expected tonight. 

Have a great evening my friends. I'll see you back here soon!!

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