NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Review + Glam bag contents!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Welcome back to The Bee's Knees!

Today I've got your ticket to shimmery holiday party eyes (and A LOT MORE) so read on...

As some of you may know (who follow via Facebook), I received an exciting little eyeshadow in my December Glam bag by NYX called Ultra Pearl Mania. The funny thing is that just a week earlier I picked up another shade of this pretty shadow while doing some routine shopping Ulta.  

I was specifically searching for the perfect party shadow when one of the sales ladies at Ulta walked me straight to this item.

Needless to say, it was love at first 'sweep' on my brow! This inexpensive wonder is just what I was searching for. *And when I say inexpensive, I mean it... Try $2.99! Cha-ching.

Using these two colors, I'm going to show you a daring, shimmery eye look that's perfect for your upcoming holiday parties. Yay!

First, tap out some of the loose powder into your hand. I find it's easiest to apply this way.

I brushed the lighter cream color into my inner eye and highlighted my entire brow with the pink color.
*You can achieve this same look with one color, I just wanted to use two.

Next, take a fine-tipped shadow brush and line the shape of a dramatic wing on the outer corners of both eyes. Follow this step by filling in each wing completely. (Use the same color to line as you do to fill them in.)

I like Sephora's Pro Smokey Eye Brush #24. It's perfect for creating exact lines. (Pictured above)

**Make sure you take a large blending brush and blend EVERYTHING together really well once you're finished applying shadow. It might feel like you're messing up your hard work at first but trust me, it creates a much smoother, 'smokey' feel in the end.**

Line with dark eyeliner and apply two coats of mascara and you're finished! 

Rock those holiday party eyes girl!! :)

Yes, these are my real lashes. If you want some killer long lashes too, I suggest you click HERE to read about my experience with Ulta's Lash Extension Mascara. I'm in love. 

Now let's talk Glam bags!

This month's bag was stuffed to the top with excellent products. There wasn't a single thing I didin't like or won't use. My FAVORITE product is probably the highlighting paper but I'll show you more of that below. Here are the contents of the bag:

1.) Be a Bombshell Lip Gloss in Hot Mess 
2.) Mai Couture Highlighting Paper 
3.) NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Eyeshadow 
4.) Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Eyeliner in Black 
5.) Mirabella Face & Eye Primer. 

And my favorite little gift is......... The highlighting paper!
Forget blotting wipes, these babies are taking center stage this season. ;) Simply tear off a piece of the paper and wipe it over the T-Zone of your face for the perfect shimmery highlight.

Whew- this was a long post. Sorry, I hope I didn't loose you guys. Wink, wink...

I'm going to be in Chicago this weekend on a girls getaway trip to enjoy the lights, wine & dine, and finish some last minute Christmas shopping!! I'm so excited. I'll keep you posted every minute of the way. Make sure you follow via Instagram for all the updates.

Love you all!


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