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Monday, January 14, 2013

Ok, first of all- I know this is supposed to be our 'Get Healthy' week and I 'promise' that will commence tomorrow, but I just HAD to share about my amazing weekend and review a sweet makeup palette to go along with it. ;) Cool? Cool.

For part of my sister's birthday extravaganza, I surprised her with tickets to see The Russian National Ballet Theatre perform Cinderella. It was a beautiful evening and I even cried at one part (I know, I know..). I want to share some pictures with you from the evening but first I have to review a makeup palette that coordinates oh-so-nicely with the Cinderella theme. 

This Christmas Candice surprised the socks off of me and got me this Disney Cinderella Makeup Palette!! 

Can you even believe how awesome she is? Either I never grew up or I just get super excited about gifts. Whatever the case, I love the Disney princesses. Don't you? I was drooling over this palette the moment I saw it was released at Sephora. 

Check out the cute packaging... 

It even opens up and folds out like a storybook... 

I love the large array of colors and varieties of mattes & shimmers. Each color applies quite nicely and the pigment is great too. I would recommend this to any makeup lover who enjoys playing with a variety of hues. And yes, I most certainly wore these colors for the ballet! 

I'll leave you with some snapshots from the evening. I hope you enjoy! Oh yes- and a special thank you to everyone who voted on my outfit selection. As you will see below, I was teetering between three different potential outfits to wear for the night. With the help of my Facebook fans, I settled on option #2. 

Have a great night everyone! I'll be back with you soon. Thanks for reading!! 

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