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Thursday, January 17, 2013

I don't know about you, but I'm still hanging on to my New Year's resolutions for dear life! I'm not giving up yet and neither should you. :) Let's own this year like a boss! 

One of my favorite things is revisiting my health goals each January. I think it's necessary and beneficial to consider healthy eating, exercise routines, and general well-being at least once a year (if not more). Hey, it never hurts, right? Today, as we begin our Get Healthy series (finally..wink) I am going to share 3 easy leg exercises with you that have made a 'tremendous' impact on toning up my lower body. I am witness that these simple moves really do work and today I invite you to try them with me! Sound good? 

Here we go...

The Lunge 
Wow... NEVER underestimate the power of the lunge. Whew. Try about 30 of these babies and then let's talk. I can't believe how effective lunges are, but then again, think about it- you are lunging your entire body weight so yeah, it works. Don't overdo it the first time you try these, just take your time and build up gradually.

The Wall Sit
You probably remember these as the stupid, painful things your gym teacher made you do.
Wall sits are excellent for strengthening your knee muscles, leg muscles, and several others too! Try starting at 30 seconds and do a few sets. Work you way up from there. 

The Scissors

Start like this: 

And end like this: 

Bye bye cellulite! Hello toned legs. 

Now listen.... Here's the thing about exercises- you actually have to 'do' them. ;) 
Make a routine and stick to it every day, whether morning or night. If you discipline yourself you will see the results you are looking for. Doesn't that apply to every area of our lives? *All stop to ponder deeply.*

I love you guys. I hope this is your best year ever! I'll be back with you tomorrow for some 'delish' Get Healthy beverages and such. Have a great evening, ok? 

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