Bring it on snow...

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

'In love' with this new OPI polish from the Euro Centrale collection- "You're such a Buda-pest"  
Hungarians unite!  ;) 

It's Tuesday. 

You hanging in there friends?? How is your day? I've had a bit of a rough start this week. Before Monday even showed up I managed to fall on ice and catch a cold. I know... Yuck. 
Anyway- I'm ok! Life goes on and I keep sipping on cough syrup. Ew again. I guess I've never grown up because I still grimace at every swig I take of that nasty stuff. Admit it, you do too. 

Michigan is getting hit with another ginormous snow storm today and I'm ready for anything it can throw at me in my new Kenneth Cole jacket!...Fully equipped with a fur hood and down lining. Yes sir, this baby is durable. Bring it snow!

I'll keep you posted with 'Snowmageddon' pictures through Facebook if it gets real crazy. For now, I'm signing off. Have a great day friends and as always- thanks a million for reading. 

Les D├ętails:
Nails: OPI- 'You're such a Budapest' 
Boots: Crown Vintage 


  1. Cute outfit. I like the boots.

    1. Thanks Lee! Crown Vintage boots are the best. They are 'super' comfy and last forever.


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