Sponsor Highlight: 'Always Fashion Girl'

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Meet Rimma:
Rimma is the beautiful face behind 'Always Fashion Girl'- one of our February Sponsors here at The Bee's Knees! Isn't she pretty?

Rimma was born and raised in Russia and moved to the United States to pursue her dreams after she finished college! So cool. She loves to shop for clothes and then make a look her own by showcasing it on her blog- Always Fashion Girl. She also loves redesigning old clothes, shoes, and accessories so I'm sure we'll be seeing some fun DIY's in the future. Rimma loves food (I can relate!)- especially dessert and will be adding some delicious recipes to her blog soon. 

Rimma is married to her awesome husband Jason, who has helped her through the hard times of being homesick for her family in Russia. *Her 'entire' family still lives in Russia and she is hopeful that they will be reunited again soon. Rimma is a truly sweet girl and a new friend of The Bee's Knees. I'm enjoying each one of her posts and I know you will too! Check her out today: Always Fashion Girl

If 'you' are interested in sponsoring The Bee's Knees, click here. I love making new friends and would be happy to have you here. Have a 'wonderful' Sunday friends. Thanks for reading!

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