Calling all Noodle Heads!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Where're all my noodle heads at?? Curly head ladies, holla! ;) 
Michigan weather has been particularly soggy lately. I could fight the wind and rain & straighten my hair anyway, but what's the point? Last week I literally went grocery shopping in a complete downpour. Yeah... Not one of my favorite things to do. My hair just goes curly as soon as water hits it so there's not much point in trying to fight it on wet days. When the summer months come I generally wear my hair curly more often than not due to the humidity. Hey, I view it this way- it's like God gave me summer and winter hair! Ha... Why fight it, right?  
Here are my go-to items for perfect, soft curls: Aveda's Confixor Gel and a diffuser. That's it. There's nothing worse (to me) than stiff, crunchy curls. *Yikes* If I'm going curly, I want some bounce, yo! 

Here's my entire routine for curly hair days:
1.) Towel dry hair 
2.) Run a large-tooth pic comb through hair
3.) Apply a quarter-sized amount of confixor all over head 
4.) Diffuse with blowdryer/tool 
In speaking of diffusers my friend once said- "They're perfect for shaping curls and yet they're careful not to disturbe the curls in their natural habitat." Haha... Too funny. But it's true! Diffusers are the stuff.
That's all for me today friends! I'm linking up with The Sapphire Bee and My Thrifty Chic today- come join me! 

Do YOU have an amazing curly hair secret weapon?? SHARE it with yours truly in the comments, ok? :) Love you all.

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  1. My hair is kinda at that in between stage which I categorize as my "frizztastic mane."

    When I go for a curly hair day, I use the Garnier Fructic gel, use a diffuser, then I use a hair waver on my roots because my hair tends to shape like an 'A' when I wear it curly.

    Your hair curls perfectly though!


    1. Hi Bethany! Using a hair waver on the roots is a great idea! :) Thanks for stopping by again.

  2. Hey there just found your blog! I'm glad I stumbled upon you, as I am looking for ways to make my curls less frizzy and more tame. I struggle with major frizz and the puff affect. I really like how this product shaped your curls, they look so pretty and natural. Do you struggle with frizz? If so, are there any products your recommend? Thanks :)

    1. Hey girl! So glad you stopped by! It's great to have you here. :)

      If you're trying to deal with frizz I would recommend Aveda's Smooth Infusion style prep (see below):

      OR I also 'love' Moroccan Oil:

      Maybe one of these will help! :)


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