Chevron + Francesca's comes to Lansing!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Big news friends: Lansing, Michigan FINALLY acquired a Francesca's Collections! I was so happy I almost hugged a store associate when I walked in for the first time. Who else LOVES Francesca's!?!? I just can't get over how cute and girly it is. I walk in the front door and instantly feel more feminine. The first time I heard of Francesca's was in Chicago at the Water Tower Mall. Then I heard Grand Rapids had one, then Novi, and now (at long last) Lansing! If you've never been, I encourage you to find the nearest store to you (or online) and go check it out.  
Last week I purchased this adorable chevron shirt and accessories. I know, I know, out of all the things to buy- I come home with a shirt. There were about a hundred dresses I wanted but I just kept coming back to this happy little chevron shirt. It's so 'Springy' and bright. Those who know me can testify to the fact that I'm sucker for bright things.  
This necklace!! Love at first sight. Turquoise and spikes are both 'really' in right now so I couldn't pass it up. 
Yet another reason to come home with this shirt- cutouts! Both of the sleeves are adorned with cutouts and bows. :) Eeee!

*In other news::: Today I'm linking up with Lipgloss & Crayons and Still Being Molly for YOLO Monday!- A special way to connect with other super fun bloggers all over the world. :) Come on over, check out the fun, and link up!! Let's have a Monday 'awesome party' together, k?

Mel is wearing:
Shirt: Francesca's 
Earrings: Francesca's
Necklace: Francesca's
Pants: Forever 21
Shoes: Target
Purse: Macy's

Love you friends...


  1. I love that top! You're right, the sleeves are the best part. :) I love Francesca's! So cute.

    1. Thank you! You're so sweet Laura. And I know- what on earth would we do without Francesca's? ;)

  2. That top is so fun! I love all the colors and the adorable little details!

  3. your chevron top is darling! I would love for you to come link up to my Tuesday Blog Hop!!

    xo Tori

    1. Thanks girl! I will totally check out your blog and Tuesday blog hop. Thanks for the shout out. :)

  4. The whole outfit is adorable, just like the beautiful lady wearing it!

    1. You're so encouraging Grams! Thank you...


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