Biking the City

Monday, June 17, 2013


This weekend was SOO much fun. Ben is finally back home from his week long business trip and I was never so happy to see him! To celebrate, we took the bikes out and ventured all over town, it was a blast. We biked over to the movie theater to see 'Man of Steel' and we loved it! Definitely a hit for us. The weather was just so perfect this weekend. I am enjoying every minute of sunshine and hope that summer lasts a long time!  

Ben snapped a few pictures while we were out and about (rather impromptu, really). So here's what I wore for our special day together... 

Totally wearing my sisters pyramid earrings here... She may or may not get them back. Ha.. Kidding, kidding. 
I can't get enough of head scarfs this summer. I just want to go buy tons of them! They are both functional and adorable. It's nice to keep the dumb flyaway hairs out of my face. ;)

Ps- I thrifted this scarf at an antique mall last year. You should try hitting up some local shops of your own. You never know what you might find hiding in there! Just a few months ago I found a vintage Chanel ring!!! *so much love* Too bad it was $575 dollars! Yeah... about that. 

How was YOUR weekend? Anything exciting happen? I wish you all a good Monday and will be back with you soon. Thanks a million for reading!!

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